Best-Year-Yet Virtual Planning

Make 2017 your bEST yEAR YET

You deserve it!    

If you’re anything like me…. you want to help more people!!  And ultimately you’d like more clients, more $$$ and more time off in 2017!!   Since you deserve it; then you also deserve to create the plan to make it happen.  I’ve heard it all before …. every year during early January , you think … this year will be different; this year I’ll hit my sales target; this year I’ll hire that employee; this year I’ll have more time for the things that matter; this year ….. _______________ (what is it that you say?).

So let’s make that happen.

 Let’s make 2017 your best year yet in both your life & your business. Let’s use the secret weapon that successful entrepreneurs always use.  Let’s step up – LIVE LARGER and  act as if you are the CEO of your life & your business.   Let’s build a road map filled with simple strategies and easy-to-implement actions to help you achieve whatever you want for this coming year!




Even if you hate planning

Even if you think that planning is too restrictive and too rigid

Even if you think that planning never works for you

Even if you think that planning doesn’t allow any freedom for creativity 


That’s okay … because…. 


Every year, I help my clients build a P-L-A-N for the coming year.  I’ve seen what happens when smart, hardworking entrepreneurs have a plan for their businesses.  THEY GROW!!!  and they …

  • know what daily actions need to be accomplished so that the overwhelm dissipates 
  • focus on activities that lead to new clients and build momentum & profit
  • know which programs & activities make sense for her and where to invest her dollars and time
  • know that she will have time for the things and people she loves including vacations and time off
  • feel a sense of calm because she is no longer putting out fires daily because she no longer does things last minute
  • have clarity and confidence!


80% of people never THINK about goals.
16% of people DON’T WRITE them down.
4% of people WRITE them down.
1% of people WRITE them down and REVIEW them.

So if you’re a business owner who…

  • has a dream to accomplish a specific goal in 2017 (and perhaps you haven’t verbalized it yet – that’s okay)
  • is struggling with growth challenges and would love to get your ‘ducks in a row’
  • has been in business for many years and you’re tired of not hitting those sales numbers
  • is tired of the overwhelm and would like some calm in your life & your business
  • acknowledges she’s been running her business by the seat-of-your-pants and that hasn’t been working so well


Then join me for a ‘get SHIFT done’ kind of day.  

It’s a virtual day – stay home in your comfies – and still plan for your best-year-yet!

New Years gift to you – Savings till jan 6th – hurry!


Once you’re registered, you’ll receive a ZOOM invitation and a downloadable workbook!


AGENDA  –  January 16 – MONDAY

9:00 am     Introductions & Orientation    Where are you now?   Rearview Mirror Analysis

10:15 am   Break and Work on your own

11:00 am   Log back onto Zoom  Your 3-Year Destination (Desired Results)   Believe Bigger

12:00         Lunch & Work Break

1:00 pm    Log back into Zoom  Quantify ‘Successville’; Milestones

2:00 pm    Break and Work on your own

3:00 pm    Log back into Zoom  Monthly, Weekly, Daily Milestones

4:00 pm    Finish for the Day

AGENDA – January 23 – Monday

9:00 – 12:00 am  Zoom

Feedback, Brainstorming, Hot Seat Coaching*

*Submit your plan for feedback from Diana


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