Don’t you just love it when someone asks you a question like that?  First you think it’s a trick question!  Then if you are like me, the practical side of you kicks in and you ask yourself — really, as an entrepreneur what is my #1 priority in my business?

Is it sales?  Should I be going out there ‘selling’ my services/product?  Well you know how that works, right?  People see you coming and they run the other way thinking – she’s going to sell me something – better run!  No selling isn’t your #1 priority as a small business owner, professional or entrepreneur. 

As a small business owner - what's your Job #1? 

As a small business owner – what’s your Job #1? 

It’s not bookkeeping or administrative stuff – we KNOW that, right.  It’s not managing employees – or is it?  No it’s not. 

Let’s think for a minute.  You need to let people know that you have a product/service to sell – otherwise you don’t have a business, right.  Once people know about your product or service – then they have an opportunity to buy from you. 

Your #1 priority is M A R K E T I N G!  That’s right!  Marketing is about getting the word out – if no one knows, then no one buys. Nothing else in ANY business matters as much or means as much to its success. 

So if you aren’t spending the majority of your time in your business doing JOB #1 – then how can you expect success?

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