The World is Different

The World is Different

Take a moment – remember what life looked like on March 1st, 2020. Everything is different today!! Schools are closed.Businesses are closed.Churches are closed.Stores are closed.Live networking is no more.Live events are no more. Social distancing for many means a...
One Thing Not to Stop !

One Thing Not to Stop !

It’s a crazy topsy-turvy world out there!  Over the last week, we’ve seen the world and business turn upside down.  And while we’ve never experienced anything quite like this, I feel reassured that yes … everything will be alright!  Every day the sun rises after it...
Promote Yourself to CEO

Promote Yourself to CEO

I started my business for a few basic reasons … perhaps you had the same reasons. You wanted more freedom – both financially and with respect to time. You wanted more flexibility than the typical 9-5. You might have wanted to have a business AND have the freedom...

5 Rules to GROW by for 2016

I’m guessing that you would like 2016 to be a better year than 2015 for your business???  Here are 5 rules that will help you Grow, Prosper & Succeed in 2016!RULE #1 – Look ahead and concentrate on what’s happening now.  It’s true...

7 Steps for Getting What You Want

Do you set goals for yourself or your business?  Without goals you are like a mountain climber without a map, a championship hockey team without a playbook, or the driver of a car without a steering wheel!  In other words, you are severely limiting yourself...

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