Time – find more or create more?

We all have the same amount of time in a day!!! But it’s amazing how different people use it.  Some work from 9-5; others only a couple of hours.  Some watch television from 8-11; others don’t own a television.  Some do everything...

The “F” Word

That darn ‘F’ word!  Is it holding you back in your business!  Do you  think to yourself things like …. who am I to do that?  how could I possibly accomplish that goal?  I’m only me – no one is going to...

It’s finally done….

Change is necessary – from our infancy through puberty and then into adulthood.  Recently I made a change — it was a hard decision but one I knew I had to take.  I needed to change my website – drastically.  Over the last few months,...

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