The Road to Prosperity can be bumpy, twisty and seem to take forever!!! Statistics show that only 1 in 4 businesses succeed past the five year mark. However, through my own 20+ years in business and investing in my own learning, I’ve noticed that there are systems, strategies and formulas that you can follow that pave the way for you so that you can get to your destination quicker and with less struggle.

During this day, we explored the 3 massive money road blocks that women business owners make that keep them from playing BIG and that keep them from building a wildly profitable business. Let’s face it — you don’t have a business without money. Money in and money out. Money gives you FREEDOM. Freedom to have choices; freedom to do the things you always wanted; freedom to hire others so you have more time to spend with those you love! After all — didn’t you start your business to have freedom?

Attendees learned the answers to various questions, including:

  • Is it possible that the money stories that you grew up with in your family are affecting the way you do business?
  • Are your personal finances & your business finances intertwined?
  • Do you focus DAILY on your revenue-generating activities?
  • Do you have multiple streams of income?  Or plans for multiple streams?
  • Have you built a support team?
  • Do you understand your financials?  Or do you ignore them?
  • What’s your level of profit?  How can you increase it?
  • Do you pay yourself regularly?
  • How are your sales conversations?  What’s your conversion rate?  How many sales conversations do you need to make a sale?
  • What are your DESIRED RESULTS?  What are you working towards (could you tell me quickly & in 10 words or less?)
It was a fun-filled, action pack day with 100+ women entrepreneurs (and a few brave men). We laughed, we cried and we challenged ourselves to be more — to be a better version of ourselves; to SHINE brighter in the world; to play a bigger role in helping others.

PROSPER was about making your business shine brighter (like gold). I’m so grateful to those who attended; those who volunteered; and to all of the sponsors. Thank you to Jayne Blumenthal who acted as Master of Ceremonies; and who has been contributed greatly to my personal & business growth. Also a special thank you to my biggest supporter, my husband, Scott.

We were VERY pleased to have as our chosen charity for PROSPER – Soles4Souls.

Our Keynote Speaker …. Deborah MacDonald

I was so pleased and proud to have Deborah MacDonald as the keynote speaker at PROSPER Mtl 2015.   From franchise owner to corporate executive, from employee to entrepreneur, Deborah MacDonald has seen it all. She has experienced long work hours, stress, and lack of control over our own life.  She knows that we need go after our dreams – to lead the life we all want to lead, one with satisfaction, fulfillment and fun! To do that we must create our freedom.  Today, Deborah is a sought after speaker; a mother; and successful author.  Her recent book, Creating Freedom,  is a simple guide that explains the network marketing model of business, the benefits, shows you what to look for in a company, and identifies the pitfalls.  It is truly a “due diligence” guide and a “must read” for anyone who is looking seriously at a network marketing, home-based business.  Deborah has created her personal success & freedom using multiple sources of income!  We can look forward to hearing her story and wisdom.  Copies of her book will also be available for purchase.


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