Here are some other testimonials from attendees:

Nicola J. Wolters

“What a thrill it was to attend your event last Friday, in Ottawa.  The motivation I now feel is incredible…Money in all it’s forms has always been one of my sticking points.  You are the first person to have put it into perspective and provided the tools to work with it, not against it.  Your teaching has already impacted the way I approach my clients….. Thank you for all you do and all you give.”


Silvana Sicoli, KW Real Estate

“Diana’s Prosper Event, was by far one of the best events I’ve been to, for a number of reasons.

First of all, her content was for lack of a better word, “Amazing”.  It was exactly what an entrepreneur needed (not just wanted) to hear about how to be and how to sustain being successful at doing what they love.  So often the critical nut and bolts of what it takes are glazed over, or not presented in a way that is well received to understand and take action.  Diana presents best practices, and necessary components in a relevant, effective, palatable, understandable, and practical way.  She knowledgeably shares and teaches the principles and her experience, in a way that you and your experience will only benefit from as well.

Diana also cuts through so much of the flawed logic, or sugar coating that we may have been exposed to. There is no way you can ‘unlearn’ what she says.  You will not leave the same after you speak with her.  Her delivery is gracious, authentic, not daunting in any way, and yet effective. Much of the success of your business and your life as an entrepreneur comes from within.  Diana is your best company for this journey.”


-Amelia Bright-Yassin, Founder, Aim Studio

“In just one day, Diana delivered so much solid business advice and strategies that I was still ‘unpacking’ and applying these insights for months afterwards.  Some of the worksheets I completed at the event have become guiding documents for my business growth plan.  I would (and do!) absolutely recommend Diana’s events to all the women entrepreneurs I know.” 



Who Want Rock-Solid Advice On How To Work Less And Make More Money!

  • discover 5 common mistakes often made in the sales process that are keeping you from GROWING your 6-figure business
  • learn 6 strategies you can use, right now, to increase your sales and which are the fastest path to ‘money in the bank’
  • nail down the 4 essential money & marketing strategies you need to PROSPER
  • identify your inner rich girl and how she will help you skyrocket your business
  • have a simple solution for how to plan your next 90-days so that you can actually double or triple your income
  • end the cycle of feast or famine in your business & create consistently HIGH income every single month.

When you started your business, I bet you didn’t realize you’d

have to learn so much about MONEY?  

In the past 20 years, I’ve found that there are 3 money road blocks that keep women business owners  from playing BIG and that keep them from building a wildly profitable business.  

I see it almost weekly — women who don’t like to talk about money; business owners who don’t have their money organized; and entrepreneurs who don’t build a plan so that they can grow their money!

Let’s face it — you don’t have a business without money.  Money in and money out.  Money gives you FREEDOM.  Freedom to have choices; freedom to do the things you always wanted; freedom to hire others so you have more time to spend with those you love!  After all — didn’t you start your business to have freedom?

On April 29th, join 100+ women entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals for a day of transformation, business building, networking and community building!  

By the end of the day, I guarantee that you’ll:

  • understand how our thoughts about ourselves, and about money, can affect every action we take in our business
  • know what your revenue generating activities are and how to integrate them into your day
  • know what to ‘measure’ and monitor in your business so that you know whether you are moving forward
  • be able to calculate the number of sales conversations that you need in order to double or even triple your business
  • learn why it’s important to fire some clients and increase your prices
  • understand that getting paid by the hour won’t make you a millionaire and why delegating leads to more profit
  • have the essential elements to build a road map for an ‘award-winning’ business



Here’s a glimpse of other events that Diana has hosted …. #GROWMtl March 2016!


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