SHINE 2015

Shine Montreal 2015 was March 27th and what a day it was!!! Almost 100 women participated in a full day of learning, empowerment, brainstorming and action! Pictures and testimonials to come shortly!!

Here’s what a few of the women in attendance had to say about the day:

During the Day – participants

  • Discovered the power of CLARITY and why it is more important than strategy or resources
  • Identified their Revenue Generating Activities (RGA)
  • Learned how the inner critic voice might be sabotaging their business decisions & how to change that.
  • Determined where to find 3-5 more hours per week to devote to your friends, family, hobby or charity
  • Applied the 3-D’s (do, delegate, delete) to be more productive
  • Figured out if the action items on your ‘To-Do List’ are getting your closer to your dream lifestyle/biz
  • How to stop chasing Bright Shiny Objects (BSO syndrome is epidemic amongst entrepreneurs!)
  • Created goals & learned methods to achieve them
  • Found out why setting goals (Desired Results) saves you time, money & energy
  • Learned why planning is the key to dispelling overwhelm, confusion & frustration and gaining the FREEDOM you desire
  • Heard — Done is better than none (a Diana’ism)
  • Applied reverse engineering technique so that they weremoving forward towards their Desired Results
  • Discovered the biggest stepping stone to success … is failure and it’s okay!
  • Scheduled and implemented new success habits which easily move you forward
  • Identified a simple secret to having more free time – is a two letter word!
  • Applied the formula Clarity + Alignment + Action = Desired Results!
Did you know???

we have partnered with Soles4Souls Montreal as our selected charity.
So save your shoes and bring along those you don’t wear; that are too small; too high; too low so that you can help someone else!!

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