How to talk about your business


Learn how to CONFIDENTLY talk about your business so you get clients!


As business owners, one of the most difficult things to do is to TALK ABOUT OUR OWN BUSINESS without boring someone to death or actually making them understand what we do!

Because it’s such a challenge, I see business owners at networking events and conferences that cringe when someone asks … so what do you do?

However — this answer is the WHOLE BASIS of all your marketing including your website, content creation, social media, etc.  If you can answer this question easily and with confidence — you’re golden.

But if it continues to be a challenge …. I’m sorry … you’re STUCK!  You’re spinning your wheels; you’re overwhelmed; you’re frustrated.

I’ve got the solution.  Teaching people how to fix their marketing starts with teaching them how to talk about their business — it’s my magic!!  It comes easily to me and I’ve done it for hundreds!!

Join me for this ONE-DAY event ( February – Ottawa; March – kingston)   We will talk through a proven, step by step formula (including learning what I call the TWITTER PITCH) so that you’ll leave with confidence and a solid basis for your marketing!

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