Perhaps we’ve never met, but I know something about you.  You want to GROW your business and you are committed to making the necessary changes so that your business will grow! 

GROW is about learning to avoid the top 3 strategic road blocks that keep women entrepreneurs from GROWING a profitable & meaningful business:

  1. As an entrepreneur, life is really busy. You don’t seem to have time for continued learning and growing and yet, you know that your business is a reflection of the inner you!  Learn some strategies to continue your own learning and growing.
  2. You haven’t clarified and shared your ‘WHY story’ with your customers so that they connect with you on an emotional level.  Learn how to incorporate and share this powerful strategy.
  3. You’re starving your business of the marketing it needs to grow.  It’s time to GROW your marketing muscle and become a master at marketing.  Learn the important sequence of marketing (Do This, Then That) so that you can speak your customer’s language!


Listen to what Christine said about her experience at PROSPER Montreal last November and why she enjoyed the day!

This event will be filled with deep dive questions for you to ask yourself about yourself and about your business.  You’ll learn some new tools & strategies to move past being stuck; to move into ‘growth’.   You’ll learn how to GROW your bravery; and to craft a business & a life that is ‘award-winning’!   



At GROW,  you’ll learn how to transform your business  by ….

  • learning that there is a specific sequence to doing business (which Diana calls – Do This, Then That) no matter what business you are in; and no matter what level your business is at (this will SAVE you time, money and energy)
  • applying the strategic concept of ‘Dream Client’ so that you attract, engage and enrol the clients you’ll love working with and who make you light up (by applying this concept alone, you can immediately have more clients and that means more money in your bank account)
  • learn what marketing strategy is appropriate for your level of business (there are certain strategies that work best at different levels of business!)
  • including your “WHY”  and your Core Story into your message so that you connect on an emotional level with your prospects and clients and then they buy from you without you feeling sales or pushy!
  • strategizing and creating your own ‘money mountain’ so that you know what to offer clients at each level of engagement with you
  • knowing the difference between a marketing tactic and a marketing strategy
  • knowing that only 3-7% of the people you are marketing to are actually open to buy from you now — how will this change your marketing?
  • knowing you only have 3 seconds to get your message across; how will you make the best of it?
  • learning that marketing is only ONE of the top 10 business systems you need — what are the other systems?
  • understanding that ‘how you do one thing, is how you do everything’.


I understand that you started your business because you wanted to help more people and build a lifestyle.  You studied your mastery and became skilled and proficient at what you do (real estate, naturopathy, etc.). It’s  time to invest in yourself & your business so that you can GROW masterfully!  







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