Build Your Business

Road Map

Want more profits, without working harder?

Build Your Business

Road Map

Let me help you do a better job with your marketing — so you attract better clients!  #earnmorelivemore

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not having a profitable & sustainable business?

Do you just wish you could FINALLY earn $5k or $10K per month on a consistent basis…

Or do you worry that “success” means sacrificing even more time away from the people and things you care about?

Or do you want to make a bigger impact in your corner of the world?

Trust me: I completely understand that feeling of spinning your wheels, and the desire for a more balanced life!

But I know a way to earn more, and live more 

Hi, I’m Diana Lidstone

Building a successful business is like going on a long road trip to a place you have never visited before.

Not only does it take courage, persistence and patience—but it also requires a road map, a G.P.S., a strategy.

And that’s where I come in.

Are you ready to use a proven approach to building your business FASTER, the right way?

Are you motivated to do the work and make it happen?

I’m the Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.


So many of us think we can build successful businesses by ourselves and without a plan!

But without any kind of roadmap to guide us, we tend to:

• Wander aimlessly

• Get easily distracted by bright shiny objects

• Spend our time on activities that just don’t seem to be giving us the traction or results we want.

I’m the Entrepreneur’s G.P.S.


So many of us think we can build successful businesses by ourselves and without a plan!

But without any kind of roadmap to guide us, we tend to:

• Wander aimlessly

• Get easily distracted by bright shiny objects

• Always question whether we’re taking the right
turn or making any progress

I have the road map and the keys!


As your business coach & growth strategist, I promise to help you SHIFT your business.

 Let me share my proven step-by-step “$5k Formula”  that has helped hundreds of others just like you to:

• Clarify your marketing  to attract your dream clients

• Package your offerings so you stop being under-paid

• Market your offerings for a consistent flow of cash & clients

• Stand out in the marketplace as the EXPERT you truly are

• Combine your special Entrepreneurial D.N.A. (distinctive natural advantage) with the right  activities for your stage of business growth into your customized roadmap for success.




Imagine…making a SHIFT in how you think about yourself and your business
so you are playing FULL OUT and living to your fullest potential!

I’ve had the privilege to work with a wide range of great companies, brands and teams, both big and small.
I’d love the chance to do the same with you.


Work With Me

When you grow your business with a road map, you can have a business you love and the life you want!

VIP Biz Intensive

Do you have limited time to spend on business planning, but want the expertise and input of a business coach? I can provide one-on-one business mentoring to accelerate your business transformation in ONE DAY.

Group Coaching

Do you enjoy learning in a group or  community of like-minded entrepreneurs? Join a supportive group coaching program & online community that keeps you motivated, accountable and focused on the right money-making activities!

Private Coaching

Do you have a specific challenge or project you need professional help with? Together over the course of one year, I’ll give you the strategies and support you need to restructure your business—and get back to loving your life.

Corporate Training Solutions

Diana Lidstone Training Solutions is a trusted certification provider for employers wishing to increase productivity, employee skills, and retention by providing strategic business skills training and certification.

As a training provider for the Canada Ontario Jobs Grant, employers who train with our programs may be eligible for an up to 83% government rebate on the cost of training.

“When I first met Diana, I didn’t really have a business – it was more like a hobby. Diana not only showed me how to be an EXPERT but she believed in me. I’ll admit it, it was a slow process but today I have a real business. By specializing and focusing on my niche, I’m now a sought after speaker at national conferences.”

— Nathalie Pedicelli, Metamorphoses


“When I met Diana, I was paralyzed by fear and generally felt “lost”. Being a part of the Achievers Club has not only given me back my confidence but kept me accountable to my personal goals. I’m grateful to be surrounding myself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve greatness in all areas of their life.”

— Brenda Birch, Arbonne International


“Diana’s event was by far one of the best events I’ve ever been too. First of all, her content was, for lack of a better word, amazing. It was exactly what an entrepreneur needed (not just wanted) to hear, about how to be successful at doing what they love. Diana presents best practices, critical components, knowledge; and her experience in a relevant, effective, palatable, understandable, and practical way. Her delivery is gracious, authentic, not daunting in any way, and yet effective.”

— Silvana Sicoli, Real Estate Agent


“Diana Lidstone gets down to the nitty gritty facts and helps entrepreneurs to navigate the roadblocks to small business success. I would highly recommend her one day workshop as it helps you focus on what really needs to be accomplished to be successful.”

— Michelle Deschenes, ACE Nutrition and Diet Consulting


“When I first came to Diana, I felt unmotivated, scattered and unsure about my business. Her GPS system has not only given me clarity & focus but improved my business skills. I now feel more energized and ready to prospect and fill my business with the right type of customers.”

— Louise Beaudry, New Chapter Translations


“Over the last few years, I’ve seen Diana help numerous entrepreneurs significantly grow their business with her GPS strategy. Her vast personal business experience, her ability to listen to customers and to impart her knowledge to them makes her a sought after marketing coach.”

— Jayne Blumenthal, Business Strategist

“Value for your money? I’ve not only more than doubled my sales working with Diana but she has shifted my business in so many ways.  If you want to stop running yourself ragged, if you want to earn more money, then I highly recommend you consider working with Diana today!”

— Shani Guerin, Real Estate Agent

Ever wondered what would work best for you right now?  Let's get rid of the guesswork and find out together!

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