How to simplify your marketing and grow your business


How to simplify your marketing and grow your business

Coaching for Ambitious, Talented Women Entrepreneurs
Who Want To Create Lasting Wealth & Success

Coaching for Ambitious, Talented Women Entrepreneurs
Who Want To Create Lasting Wealth & Success

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Let me know if this sounds like you…
It’s becoming a struggle to find new clients – what used to work in the past just isn’t cutting it anymore.

You’ve listened to all the ‘gurus’ and tried their ‘guaranteed!’ marketing strategies, but somehow it never seems to work for YOUR business.

You’re feeling frustrated – you know you’re an ambitious, talented woman, but it’s taking you sooooooo long to get where you want to go!

Why is it so hard to figure out?
I’ll tell you why.  It’s because when it comes to marketing “one-size-fits-all” is a LIE.  Cookie-cutter marketing just doesn’t work.

After all, you’re not everyone – you’re a unique, talented woman with your own individual strengths and a business that has it’s own path.

Marketing that works FOR YOU looks very different than the marketing your bestie is getting ah-mazing results with.

Marketing that works FOR YOU needs to fit your one-of-a-kind brilliance, AND your stage of business growth.

What are you struggling with?

Customized coaching perfectly paired with your current stage of business growth.

I don’t know where to start…

Your Entrepreneurial "DNA"

You’re just starting to grow. You need help with your marketing message, clarity on what activities you should be focusing on, and accountability.

How do I grow my business?

Marketing Roadmap Intensive

Learn how to market in this new economy to get more leads, sales and confidence without wasting your time on systems and programs that don’t work!

I need to make big changes…

Private Coaching

You have a specific project you need professional help with and you’re looking for strategy and support to restructure your business for lasting wealth and success.

Hi, I’m Diana

I’m who you work with when you’re ready to explode your business.  Need someone who’ll be brutally honest with you and fight for you to create massive growth? Let’s talk. I love working with ambitious, talented women who want to achieve big things.

What my clients have to say…

“Value for your money? I’ve not only more than doubled my sales working with Diana but she has shifted my business in so many ways.”        – Shani

Marie de Villers, CEO e GO Bookkeeping
Video Testimonial

Lisa J. Weiss, I of the Storm Coaching
Video Testimonial

Sheri Godfrey, Conversations To Connect
Video Testimonial

“When I first came to Diana, I felt unmotivated, scattered and unsure about my business. I now feel more energized and ready to prospect and fill my business with the right type of customers.”
– Louise

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Learn about Diana’s captivating keynote talks, where she provides actionable, momentum-building advice designed for audiences of all types.

Discover your perfect marketing strategy based on your unique talents
and your stage of business growth

One size does NOT fit all!
Get crystal clear on what will actually get you results

Hey there ambitious, talented woman!
#marketingthatworks doesn’t have to be hard.

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Growth starts with a single step

That first step can be as simple as scheduling a call with me. Let's discuss
how to
clarify your message - map your strategy - and grow your impact.

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