It’s time for service entrepreneurs like you to


Grow your profits, grow your time away from your business, grow your joy!

More Profit

More Time off

More Joy

When you Started your business

you dreamt about having:

Time and financial freedom to do the things you love

Your heart filled with joy because you loved every single thing about your business

Work flexibility versus being tied to a JOB

But somehow, that hasn’t quite happened…

You’ve been in business for a while now and you often feel:

Overwhelmed daily as your business seems to be running you (not the other way around)

Frustrated that no matter how hard you work, the bank account never seems to be full

Exhausted by the 24/7 hustle

Let’s Change all of that

With the right strategies, structures & skills, it is possible for you to

Grow your profits exponentially

Grow your time away from your business and have that freedom & flexibility

Grow your joy and fuel your passion.

It’s time to do business differently!

Some Client  love…

“She’s a CLARITY WIZARD. Investing in her is worth every penny. Diana has a proven process that very quickly helped me gain the clarity I was missing with simple and easy to understand language.”

Akeela Davis, CEO

Courageous Business Culture

“I’m so excited! Both my life and my business have changed drastically since I started working with Diana. I’ve taken control of my health, and my business has seen exponential growth and profits!!!

Milena Cardinal, Barrister and Solicitor

Cardinal Law

“I can’t believe how much Diana has helped us simplify and systematize our business! I’m so excited to finally have a sales system that makes me confident – not fearful – of sales conversations!”

Lara Autio, CEO

Experience AI Solutions

Hi there, 

I’m Diana. Welcome aboard!

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to:

Strategically & purposefully plan your next big bold business move (or project)

Uncomplicate your business to reclaim your precious time

Get known as the undeniable authority in your field

Unapologetically earn more profit

Find the joy again in your business

I partner with you through private consulting & high-touch coaching. Schedule a GROW Strategy Call with me today to explore working together.

Time Changes everything

As your business evolves, so do you. You have to uplevel your mindset, adjust your strategy, gain more visibility and shift into leadership. You have to know when to grow, when to scale and when to take risk.

To get to the next level of success, you’ll have to do business differently and that takes courage! I’m here to support you so you can explode your profits; reclaim your time & flexibility; and increase your joy.

Here’s the Plan

Step 1

Schedule a call

We’ll discuss your goals & dreams

Step 2

Build a plan

Together, we’ll build your GROW Plan

Step 3


Celebrate your achievements!

My Why…

Originally, I came into entrepreneurship looking for freedom and flexibility so I could shamelessly volunteer at my children’s school, be a Girl Guide leader, and a stay-at-home mom! I wanted to leverage my years of practical business knowledge and help women business owners make a profit without the hustle and overwhelm.

After 35+ years as a business owner working with coaches, consultants, business professionals, and other experts worldwide, I know you CAN work less and earn more!

I love my business. It pays me well. I no longer hustle.

You deserve the same.

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