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Next Training – Thursday February 10th, 10 am EST

My Special Guest: M. Shannon Hernandez

Love Your Leads: Two Simple Steps to Move Prospects from “No/Not Yet” To “Oh Yes!”

Join M. Shannon Hernandez and Diana Lidstone for Shannon’s signature workshop that will teach you how to LOVE YOUR LEADS –no matter where they are in the customer journey process. Shannon will share with you 5 strategies that will show your future clients how much you care about them—and turn them into raving, paid clients after you show them some LOVE.

M. Shannon Hernandez

M. Shannon Hernandez

M. Shannon Hernandez, also known as the Joy Money Catalyst, is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz. She is specifically known around the globe for her joyful Business Growth Strategies.

She is the founder of Joy Money Revolution and works with online coaches and consultants teaching them how to grow a profitable business that includes abundant time off.

A sought-after expert in the world of online business strategy, Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Huffington Post, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design and is a master trainer and teacher. When she is not teaching, she’s funding projects that impact the world and its people.

Diana Lidstone sitting in front of laptop

Diana Lidstone

After three decades in business and working globally with coaches, consultants, and experts, Diana Lidstone has gathered rock-solid wisdom and advice that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals accelerate growth and increase profits while freeing up more time for the things they love.

As the creator of the GPS Grow-meter and The Marketing Proficiency Effect, and as the best-selling author of Shift into Rich: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success, Diana’s signature Ultimate G+R+O=W Equation transforms frazzled, overworked business owners into profitable, overjoyed CEOs.

Diana is also the host of G+R+O=W Equation podcast (launching February).

In this session you will:

✓ Learn a simple system for tracking your leads, so you can stay in touch with them regularly, based on where they are in the customer journey cycle.

✓ Discover how to categorize leads into five distinct types, so you can speak directly to their needs.

✓ Develop a strategy for each type of lead that ensures you are creating relationships and moving them toward “Oh Yes! I want to work with you.”

Next Training – Thursday February 10th, 10 am EST

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