About You

Even though we probably haven’t met, I probably know a lot about you!

I know that you have a burning desire to succeed but right now you’re feeling a little lost, perhaps even a little overwhelmed.  You might even be at a crossroads; having trouble figuring out which way to turn.  Starting your business hasn’t quite turned out the way you thought it would have … and perhaps your business hasn’t grown as quickly as you had hoped.

You were pretty sure that you could do this on your own — you’re smart!    Whatever you do — you are great at it.  In fact, your clients tell you!  You went to school and learned how to be a skilled professional — your patients get such relief.  You studied and you learned.  Eventually opened your own practise/business. You love helping others.

But here’s the thing — you suddenly realized that you need SALES and MARKETING skills to build a profitable business. However, that’s not why you started your business!

You might be a coach — fitness, health, life, branding or medium.  You might be a healer who is charging hourly rates such as a physiotherapist, massage therapist, etc.  Or you might be a consultant such as an accountant or financial advisor.

But you’ve run into some road blocks … and you want more money in your bank account and more freedom!

I totally understand.  Let’s talk!

HERE’s the process …. follow the steps 1, 2, 3

STEP 1 — APPLY today for a 30-minute FREE Money & Marketing Breakthrough Strategy Session by answering a by clicking here.

STEP 2 – DECIDE what you WANT from coaching – you can explore these options with Diana during your Money & Marketing Breakthru Session.

  • is it mainly accountability? Then frequency is important
  • is it creating a road map for your marketing?  Then planning is important.
  • is it goal setting & goal achieving that’s important?  Then visioning, clarity and performance is important.
  • do you like working 1-1 or would you prefer to keep your business private?  Would you enjoy masterminding with 1 or 2 others

Whether it’s 1-1 coaching; semi-private coaching; or small group coaching such as the Achiever’s Club — it’s your decision.

STEP 3  –  Get started!  The sooner you get started; the quicker your results (more clients & more free time!)

  •  STOP the marketing overwhelm & frustration by working in small step-by-step, achievable bits.
  • ACHIEVE clarity by solidifying your vision for both your personal life & your business.
  • DO the right things in the right order so that you stop wasting time & money.
  • SET goals and take specific actions that are directly aligned with your vision for success.
  • ATTRACT a ton of your ‘perfect clients’ who will gladly pay you what you are worth.
  • BUILD repeat business and endless referrals.
  • PUT in place the necessary systems so that you have more free time to spend with family & friends
  • IMPROVE your pre-marketing so that your marketing systems & strategies are more effective
  • STRETCH outside of your comfort zone so that you are continuously improving
  • MEASURE & REVIEW your metrics so that you know you are moving towards your goals
  • LISTEN to your improved ‘inner game’ so that you limit the ‘inner critic’ or itty-bitty shitty committee
  • WORK less and earn more by creating stronger sales systems and pricing packages


It’s as easy as 1 , 2, 3.   I’m here to help you build a life that’s support by an amazing business that’s profitable; that impacts others; and that helps others.   You can Grow, Prosper and Succeed with a little help, guidance, perhaps some new tools and new skills. Let’s talk.

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