Get ready to reach that 5K a month revenue goal, have a bigger impact and have more time & freedom!

Learn how to earn more and work less in
The Achiever’s Club

A supportive group coaching program & online community that keeps you motivated, accountable and focused on the right money-making activities!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that…

  • Your daily activities are the right ones for right now in your business?
  • You have a simplified marketing plan to magnetize, engage, & cultivate your dream clients that feels authentic to you?
  • You are learning the strategies to effectively magnetize your dream clients & be well paid?
  • You could discover processes to streamline your business, so you make the biggest impact possible with the actions that you do take?
  • You have the systems in place to price and sell your services that allow you to create the quality of life you’ve always desired.

You’re invited to join the Achiever’s Club

I’d like to invite you to join the ACHIEVER’S CLUB, an amazing 6-month business training for coaches, consultants, professionals and other entrepreneurs to accelerate their business, their income and their quality of life forward in ways they never imagined.

I’ve run this program for 3 years and have had the privilege and honour of helping many entrepreneurs shift their business and their lives!


You have a deep desire to change your corner of the world; to help more people; to spread your message AND earn a great living while doing it.

The ACHIEVER’S CLUB can help you to create that life you dream of 10 times faster than if you do it on your own, with less frustration, heartache and confusion.

Why struggle to create a business and a life you love when there’s a clear map to creating the growth you want today?

I hope you’ll join me in the ACHIEVER’S CLUB so you can shift your life forever!

Join the Achievers Club Now ↓

Here’s just some of the training you’ll get access to:


In this module, you’ll CLARIFY:

  • Your D.N.A. (distinctive natural advantage) which is how you will differentiate yourself.
  • Your Signature group of hot buys.
  • Your compelling marketing message.
  • Your 30|60|90 day goals.

We’ll also work together to reverse engineer your desired quality of life to ensure that your business is designed to fully support your life (instead of trying to squeeze your life into your business)!

Once you’ve finished this module, it will be so much easier to increase your visibility and get more YESes in your sales conversations.   When you don’t get this part right, I often see entrepreneurs stuck at the $25-$30,000 mark and I don’t want that for you. 

BONUSES: Pre-Work – Craft Your Clarity Map; Marketing Magic Online Course

DESIGN your Signature Program

In this module, you’ll get step-by-step instructions as to how to organize your content; what to include; what not to include and how to package the superpowers that you identified in module one.    You’ll be creating an irresistible program that your dream clients can’t wait to purchase from you!

Very often I see entrepreneurs include too much content which overwhelms clients.  Creating an awesome signature program is the foundation to being well paid and to creating multiple streams of income.

Bonuses:  Profitable Naming Template; Examples of Signature Programs, Hot Topics List

PRICE your Signature Program

In this module, you’ll get the 4 criteria you can use to price your program correctly!  With my support, you’ll set your initial price and then test your program!  Getting the price right means so much because we don’t want you working way too hard and underearning!  I want you to be paid well for your gifts.

Bonus: Pricing Guide

SELL your Signature Program

In this module, you’ll learn 3 ways to sell high ticket offers in a very authentic way; how to implement the ‘CUSTOMER’ selling system into your business so you can increase your conversions and have more committed clients to work with.  This selling system will ensure that clients are a perfect fit to work with you!

Many entrepreneurs hate the word SALES – it makes them feel icky; I don’t want that for you!  In fact, I want to eliminate that salesy feeling.

Bonuses:  Discovery Session Guide; Overcoming Objections Guide.

MARKET your Signature Program

In this module, you’ll learn the 5-Step Client Roadmap for marketing which will allow you to set up a consistent marketing system to help you eliminate feast or famine cycle.  You’ll also learn how to craft and use your first lead magnet.

This module will help you stay focused on marketing that converts into clients FOR YOU; which marketing tools & strategies are aligned with your D.N.A. and helping you avoid getting distracted by bright shiny objects.

Bonuses: Simplified Marketing Schedule; Pack your Marketing with Killer Testimonials; Networking & Follow Up Guide; Your First Website Guide.

These modules are the foundations for building a profitable and sustainable business!  Once you have them in place, then you may want to EXPAND your Signature Program which we do in the CEO ACCELERATOR (meant for those of you who are in Stage 2 of your business growth).

In the EXPANSION section, you’ll learn how to create multiple streams of income; conquer speaking mastery and how to leverage with group programs and building your team.  Bonuses for this include: Signature Talk Outline; Facebook Live Guide; Systems Guide; LinkedIn Traning Guide.

Join the Achievers Club Now ↓

How do I know if Achiever’s Club is right for me?

It’s a common question so here’s a checklist!  If any of them apply, then ACHIEVER’S CLUB is right for you:

Your business (and your life) will shift with ACHIEVER’s CLUB if:  

  • You’re building a transformational business and you want a roadmap to create a 6-figure income or more.
  • You’ve been in business for a while but you’re frustrated because your results aren’t where you would like them to be.
  • You’re ready to jump to the next level and grow an audience of raving fans who love your work.
  • You want to know how to leverage your time and impact to create greater income and that quality of life you desire.
  • You have a STRONG desire to change your corner of the world (okay, perhaps not just your corner) but you want to make a difference.
  • You’re ready to get support in reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.

What else do you get in the Achiever’s Club?

  • Strategies & tips to increase profitability & productivity.
  • Facebook group where you can ask questions daily and get immediate feedback.
  • All access pass to the Business Library with new trainings added monthly.

Here’s my invitation … Join the ACHIEVER’S CLUB

We’ll put our gifts together so that you grow an outrageously profitable business that helps you live your dream lifestyle!

Easy Payment Plan

$597/month x 6


$597 immediate deposit.
then $597 monthly for 5 months.
Billed at the beginning of each month.

Single Payment



Get “Your Best Year Yet” Planning Session
A Full Day of Training Valued at $997
FREE when you pay in Full.


Save $50 off of the Monthly Price!!

That’s a savings of $300
when you PAY IN FULL!!

Introducing the Achiever’s Club Platinum

The next level of success


If you are ready to work intensely on your business and feel that you could use some additional support– then ACHIEVER’S CLUB PLATINUM is right for you!

The AC PLATINUM is for those who want to expand their reach, all while working less!

In addition to all the Achiever’s Club benefits, you’ll also get:

Virtual Planning Day which is an intimate mastermind day where we’ll workshop, brainstorm, and create your plan towards making your dreams a reality!  Value $600

Monthly Personal Strategy Call with Diana where you’ll get to personally deep dive with Diana to skyrocket your success. This additional support will take you further than you could imagine!



And shift your business & life?

If your answer is  HELL YA or if your gut is telling you that you want the business growth and transformation but you have questions, hesitations or some of those pesky fears are coming up … then book a Business Breakthrough Session with Diana here.

I’ll help answer your questions and explore how the ACHIEVER’S CLUB can benefit you with your specific business challenges.  We’ll work to help you gain clarity on your vision for your business, and how the support in the Achiever’s Club can get you there faster.

You deserve to have the business and quality of life you want, and the ACHIEVER’s CLUB can help get you there!

IT IS possible to:

  • Have the income you dream about
  • Make a huge difference in the world
  • Have the quality of life you desire
  • Magnetize your dream clients easily
  • Use your D.N.A. to be well paid
  • Feel fully supported on your business journey!

I’m here for you!

Even though I had been working in my business for several years, I knew that I was still not tapping into the right business market.  I lacked a clear marketing message that spoke directly to my premium class clients and I needed confidence to justify charging higher prices.  After working with Diana, I clarified my marketing message and learned to delegate tasks to a team.   Most of all, my sales EXPLODED by 4 times and I even have a waiting list!  The investment of working with her has CERTAINLY paid off greatly.
Lady Sandra


My whole business shifted once I started to work with Diana.  Originally,  I was frustrated with my income and my business!  I was working hourly consultations and this was not attracting committed, high paying  clients.  With Diana’s roadmap,  I created consistent monthly income with my Premium Signature Program.  Now my business is filled with clients who are fun to work with because they want the ‘whole’ transformation; and my clients are getting even better results.  Every wellness coach should work with Diana
Frances Michaelson

Value for your money? I’ve not only more than doubled my sales working with Diana but she has shifted my business in so many ways.  If you want to stop running yourself ragged, if you want to earn more money, then I highly recommend you consider working with Diana today!
Shani Guerin

Real Estate Agent

I have increased my clients 5 fold as of this summer. Going to the Caribbean this winter to celebrate my success! Thank you for your wisdom and leadership.
Lorraine Driscoll

When I started working with Diana, I had lots of clients but wasn’t making the profit that I had hoped.  I was also working longer hours that I wanted.  By focusing my efforts on my ideal client and clarifying my marketing message, I was soon able to increase my company profits overall.
Julie Leduc


Working with Diana has been the reason why I now have great clients who pay me well for my work.  Diana taught me that working by the hour wasn’t going to allow my business to grow in the long term so we created packages for my new clients and increased my fees.  Amazing!  Thanks Diana  


When I met Diana, I had just spent a year recovering from an injury during which time I wasn’t working my Arbonne business.  Truthfully, I was paralyzed by fear and generally felt “lost”.

Being a part of the Achievers Club has not only given me back my confidence but kept me accountable to my personal goals. And, it has provided the platform to coaching my existing Team and my future Leaders in Arbonne.  They say we become like the five people we spend the most amount of time with … I’m grateful to be surrounding myself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve greatness in all areas of their life with the Achievers Club.

Brenda Birch

Arbonne International

I could say that since our work together these have been the greatest benefits:

  • Knowing what tasks to focus on at this stage of development in my business; ie. not the time to be writing a book or doing group programs, which has reduced my stress of having to do it all now
  • The confidence to raise my rates and make more money
  • Has helped me create momentum in attracting more clients to my practice

Law of Attraction Coach

When I first met Diana, I didn’t really have a business – it was more like a hobby.  Diana not only showed me how to be an EXPERT but she believed in me. I’ll admit it, it was a slow process but today I have a real business.  By specializing and focusing on my niche,  I’m now a sought after speaker at national conferences.
Nathalie Pedicelli


I worked with Diana for less than 90-days; I got clear on my ideal client, my marketing message and my pricing and then quickly doubled my revenue!
Antonia Carboni


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