Research-Proven Elements of a Sustainably Scalable Business

Ep. 137 – Research-Proven Elements of a Sustainably Scalable Business

April 11, 2024

Are you ready to become the true CEO of your business?  The visionary leader?

  • You’re ready for more freedom but
  • You find your calendar is always full 
  • You can’t seem to find time to build the systems and structures that would streamline your business
  • You’ve been struggling to set boundaries with your team
  • You can’t seem to take even a couple of days away without feeling stressed or guilty

In this episode:

  • I’m going to explain that you don’t need a blueprint but a customizable framework
  • The 3-part framework I’ve used over and over again with hundreds of  business owners in 50+ different industries to help them:
    • Love their business once again because they are working in their zone of genius; 
    • Generate more profit to pay themselves more than a fair market salary and have enough to invest in their business for team and/or technology
    • Have the freedom to take unplugged vacations because their business no longer depends on them for the day-to-day running of the business
  • And how the research-proven Sustainable Freedom Stack is woven into the work I do to help you compound your wins for long-term success.
  • And I’ll help you identify your Freedom Roadblocks so you can work less, profit more

We kicked the week off with:

  • Mon, Ep. 134 – The Growth Trap: How to Take the Pain Out of Growing Your Biz (listen here)
  • Tues, Ep. 135 – The M-Myth: Why Doing More Isn’t the Answer (listen here)
  • Wed, Ep. 136 – 7 Scaling Mistakes to Avoid (listen here)
  • Thurs, Ep. 137 – Scale Sustainably: How to Build Your Self-Running Engine
  • Friday – No episode but I’m hosting a LinkedIn Live where you get to come on live with me and ask your questions – on the spot!!!

LINKEDIN Live Link –

Entrepreneurs who earn 10x more don’t work 10x harder!


  1. Identify where your biggest gaps are – G, R, O
  2. Improve your Freedom Roadblocks so you too can get out of the weeds & get back in the driver’s seat!
  3. Book your complementary Business Freedom Strategy session (here) so you can build a solid foundation to sustainably scale because Entrepreneurs who earn 10x more don’t work 10x harder!

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