Building a sustainable REI business

Ep. 141 – Building a Sustainable REI Business with guest Adriana Ostapenko

May 7, 2024

How does a young mother of two children and a real estate investor have time to build not one, not 2 but 3 profitable and sustainable businesses?  My guest today will share her secret sauce!

Successful entrepreneurs have some common traits. Today Adriana and I discuss her secret sauce to becoming a multi-preneur and the topics include:

  • The job of a small business owner is to acquire new skill sets.
  • How mindset is absolutely everything if you want to scale a business and keep your sanity.
  • Why delegation is often so difficult.
  • Why 80% is good enough.
  • What are you tolerating?


Meet Adriana, this powerhouse has donned many hats – from the CEO of her household, where she juggles the chaos of two adorable kids and a husband, to the mastermind behind multiple successful businesses and a flourishing Real Estate portfolio.

Adriana’s journey didn’t start with a silver spoon; in fact, it was more like a wooden ladle from her grandma’s kitchen. She’s the living proof that you can rise from the trenches of life and build your own empire.

When she’s not busy conquering the business world, Adriana moonlights as a speaker, coach, and podcaster. Her mission? To sprinkle inspiration and knowledge, especially for her fellow wonder women out there. She’s on a quest to teach women the art of crafting the life of their dreams – because who says you can’t have it all?

Connect with Adriana:

  • Ace Properties
  • Master Homes Contracting
  • Turnkey Virtual Agency
  • Raising Capital the R.I.G.H.T. Way
  • Youtube (here)
  • Facebook here


Adriana’s recipe to elevate & delegate so you can scale sustainably:

1. Become AWARE of where you are now and where you want to go then become the future you with the right habits, mindset & tasks.
2. DELEGATE everything that doesn’t bring you joy and doesn’t provide huge value (focusing on her zone of genius is what helped her go from investor to a successful business owner).
3. Hire the right people for the right tasks (people before systems).  The right people will build the right systems that work for them.
4. Implement systems one at a time by pausing to prioritize.  A car has 2 pedals – a brake pedal to slow down and a gas pedal to speed up; so doesn’t your business.
5. Rinse, Repeat and Optimize everything over and over again.

I’m a best-selling author, award-winning speaker and podcast host. After almost 40 years as an entrepreneur, I’m best known for my straight-talk, no BS and the simple business and marketing strategies that bring my clients more joy, profit and freedom.  This podcast offers tips and strategies for small business owners who are tired of working too hard for too little profit, and having little or no free time.

Connect with me here:

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