Ep. 52 – Profit Talk Stepping Into Your Role As CEO To Focus On What Truly Matters For Your Business Profits

November 10, 2022

Small business owners often find themselves stuck doing all the things – everything from marketing to operations and finances.  I remember a time during my retail days, I even cleaned the toilet, but not the best use of my time. Want to learn a better way to ensure you are the true visionary of your business?


1.  Follow Donna’s 5-step plan to regain time in your agenda so you can focus on driving your business forward:

  • Do a time-tracking exercise for a minimum of 3 days.
  • Review your activities from the time tracking and place a dollar sign ($) next to those activities which are Revenue Generating.
  • Review your activities again, this time place a star (*) beside those activities which take too much of your time or are a drain on your energy (some will be both $ and *).
  • Apply the SAP Method
    1.  Streamline or automate those with $$$.
    2.  Assign or appoint (delegate) those with a * and be sure that you have a defined ‘process’ for them to follow as this will help them be more successful.
    3.  Pause and decide which activities could be totally removed. Apply the 80/20 rule!
  • Organize your week like a CEO to focus more on visionary activities.

2.  Download Diana’s CEO Weekly Meeting Checklist.

3.  Download Donna’s 35 Ways to Streamline Your Life!



Donna Dubé the founder and owner of Productivity Plus.  She partners with high-level entrepreneurs to bring their business goals and dreams to life. With an emphasis on project management, accurate measurement of data, and operational excellence, she establishes the strategic foundation to allow their business to run with greater ease.


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