Ep. 55 – How to Avoid the 7 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

December 1, 2022

There’s a big social media TRAP out there that I see way too many coaches, consultants and professional service firms fall into that are keeping them from magnetizing high ticket, life long, clients; not magnetizing the right clients; wasting HUGE amounts of $$ and time.

During this episode, I’m going to share:

  • The COMMON 7 social media marketing mistakes
  • How to avoid these mistakes
  • 5 key elements you need before you’ll see a positive ROI from social media

Helping clients avoid these mistakes is just one little bit of what I do…

Imagine if you could stop wasting $$$ and time doing social media the way you are currently doing it and instead…

  • Ask yourself whether you really need social media
  • Social media was your ally – your friend
  • HT clients checked you out on social media and reached out and booked calls with you ready to hire you – imagine those sales conversations

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Here’s the graphic of my GROW Equation.


1.   Identify your social media marketing strategy – what’s the outcome you desire?  Today, next week and in 90-days.
2.   Focus on using your ONE communication style in everything you do.
3.   Strengthen your reputation by knowing exactly how you are the ONLY choice for your prospects, not just another choice.
4.   Be consistent in your timing and your messaging.
5.   Identify the right platform for you to master (or do you even need to be on social media right now?).
6.   Align your content with your messaging – preferably with your Flagship Framework.
7.   Review your content and make it super relevant to today’s buyers in today’s economy.

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