Client Attraction Without Social Media - Is It Possible

Ep. 56 – Client Attraction Without Social Media: Is It Possible?

December 8, 2022

Can you really build a successful business without social media today?

The gurus say you have to be on social media but more & more I’m hearing things like… “I wish I never had to use social media” or “I want to get off social media but I don’t know how” or “isn’t social media compulsory”

If you’re burnt out or overwhelmed by all the information about using social media to grow your business – this episode is for you!

I share:

  • What the gurus aren’t telling you and this is why your current social media strategy isn’t bringing you the leads you want
  • Clarification on the term ‘marketing’
  • 3 key components of my Marketing Sweet Spot Solution
  • Real-life examples of how you can build a wildly profitable business without social media



1.  Decide whether you want to use social media as your primary method of generating leads.

2.  If not, then book a free Marketing Sweet Spot Solution session here.

3.  If you do decide – please listen to this episode to ensure you do it without making these mistakes.

4.  Want to really differentiate your business, stand out and explode your profits, check out Differentiate to Grow program here.



Here’s the graphic of my GROW Equation.

Share your feedback with me by clicking here and leaving a short voice message! 


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