5 Upcoming Improvements For You

Ep 69 – 5 Upcoming Improvements For You

March 14, 2023

Like any newbie doing something for the first time, when I launched my podcast last February, I never imagined a 3rd season or that I would be rebranding it.  But like anything in business, change is inevitable if you want to keep growing and improving!

In this episode, I’ll be sharing 

  • 5 upcoming improvements to my podcast.
  • Why I’m making these improvements.
  • And how you can apply these changes to your business even if you don’t have a podcast!


1.  What is at least one takeaway that you could apply right now to your business?

2.  March 24th at 12pm EST – Join me on Streamyard for the REBRAND PARTY of Work Less, Profit More

Here’s the graphic of my GROW Equation:

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