Ep. 80 – The Pickle Effect with Guest Expert, Shari Doherty

May 16, 2023

Did you know that at A&W, you can ask for NO PICKLES?

In this episode, find out what having no pickles on your hamburger means for your business profit.

The pickle effect and magical moments are strategies that my guest Shari Doherty uses to create a lasting impression and to improve her customers’ experience so that she gains long-time customers and more referrals.

For more joy, profit and freedom in your business, give your customers the Disney experience, and you’ll not only be saving time, money and energy, but you’ll be adding to your bottom line!


Shari Doherty had an extensive career in insurance and customer service. This combined with several other entrepreneurial endeavours and more than 30 years of experience made the transition to real estate a natural and easy one. Shari is on fire for customer satisfaction and is excited to serve the Kingston and Eastern Ontario communities.

After raising her own family and multiple moves, she has learned how important a happy, comfortable and vibrant home is as the foundation for family life and a fulfilling future for all.

Shari’s goal is to help you find the perfect home that sets the stage for the story of your life.

Connect with Shari:

In last week’s episode, #79, Anthea Mumby & I discuss 7 powerful ways to retain existing clients and increase profits in your small firm (here)


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