Ready to differentiate yourself, become THE undeniable authority and grow your revenue?

Unknown Expert to Undeniable Authority

Doors Open January 3rd, 2024

You know you’re an expert in your field!


You’re sick and tired of being invisible, unheard and the best-kept secret in your industry

You’re exhausted being busy and figuring out that these don’t work:


White papers

Cold email spam


Complicated funnels

Endless content that no one engages in

DMs for sales appointments

Lead-gen services

Creating endless content for multiple social media

Your revenue has plateaued because you sound like everybody else in your industry.

It’s time to fix that!



To stand out from the crowd
so you can work less profit more

But, right now, things might look more like this…

You’re working all day with investors and then the administrative and marketing tasks get pushed aside to evenings and weekends

You’ve hit a sales plateau (totally normal) but you’re not sure of your next best steps to earn more money or regain your time

You feel like the best kept secret in the industry and you know you can make a HUGE difference in the world, if only more people knew about you.

Imagine for a moment what it would it feel like to be the sought-after, undeniable authority in your industry

To close sales conversations convert effortlessly, without objections

To have dream investors come to you expecting to invest at high levels

To be invited to speak where your dream investors congregate

To be invited to collaborate with strategic partners that willingly send you investors instead of hustling on social media


when you stand out from the competition
– your business grows easily!!!

You work less & profit more!

Your business could look like this in the very near future:

Your dream investors are asking how they can work with you.

Your dream investors are asking to collaborate with you.

You know exactly what marketing you need to be doing to reach potential investors instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Your inbox is full of qualified investing opportunities and partnership possibilities to scale your business.

If you’ve read this far and you are nodding your head “yes”, and you still have some doubts, let’s talk about them now..

I totally understand…

No one taught you how to STAND OUT from your competition when you got your certification or learned that thing that you’re really good at doing

No one told you that you could build a reputation as The undeniable authority where you are THE sought-after authority rather than remaining in obscurity

You are afraid of putting yourself out there and being judged

You feel like it will be too much effort & hard work to build a reputation where you are THE undeniable authority in your industry

These clients dramatically changed their lives & their businesses after our work together!

She’s a CLARITY WIZARD. Investing in her is worth every penny! Diana has a proven process that very quickly helped me gain the clarity I was missing.

Akeela Davis

Both my life and my business have changed dramatically since I started working with Diana. My business has seen exponential growth and profits!!!

M. Cardinal

I can’t believe how much you’ve helped us SIMPLIFY AND SYSTEMIZE our business!

Lara Autio

I now have paying clients and a true business! Diana has taught me the value of creating a vision and how to work towards that vision by setting goals.

Nathalie Pedicelli

 My job is to help you go from

Unknown Expert to Undeniable Authority

in the real estate investing industry!

DTG WG Jan 2023

In this program, you will….

Create alignment with your Big Picture Vision so that you stay focused on what matters most to the future of your business and stop chasing bright shiny objects.

Apply the Magic Rule of 1 to zero in on your Zone of Genius so that growing your business brings you more joy and freedom.

Design your own intellectual property that will help you stand out from your competition.

Elevate your visibility and authority with content customized to you & your business.

Learn the essential elements of a simple website that differentiates you & converts so that you attract dream investors while you sleep.

Have time for implement with special sessions for execution and answers to your specific questions so that you leave with a customized Authority Visibility Blueprint

In other words – together we will create your


You’ll stop sounding like everyone else

You’ll become THE Undeniable Authority

You’ll appear untouchable by your competition.

This program is perfect for you if:

✓ You work in a highly competitive industry (just like real estate investing) and YOU are your brand.

✓ You are making upwards of $80K+ annually in your real estate investing business and looking to scale to the next level.

✓ You’re willing start thinking & doing things differently!

This program is not for you if:

➢ You’re looking for an Easy Button that will magically make your business grow.

➢ You’re a brick & mortar business or in network marketing.

➢ You’re just starting out in business and you don’t have clients.

 My job is to help you go from

Unknown Expert to Undeniable Authority

in the real estate investing business!

DTG WG Jan 2023


As soon as you enroll,

You’ll book your private 30 min call with Diana and identify your current roadblocks to the joy, profit and freedom you desire.

Book your call starting Monday, December 11th, 2023

Program begins January 3rd, 2024

You’ll have 10 weeks of zoom calls which will be recorded.

At Graduation, you’ll book another 30 min private call with Diana to identify your next best steps for your business.

You’ll get the recordings of these calls for future reference.


Group Classes on Zoom starting January 3rd, 2024


Differentiate to GROW:

Unknown Expert to Undeniable Authority


Private 30 min call

This will help identify your profit potential roadblocks.

Value $500 


5 Group 60 min Trainings

This will help identity your main challengs & create focus for the coming weeks.

Value $2500


5 Group 90 min sessions for implementation & additional Q & A

This will encourage you to put time in your calendar to actually do the work & get precious feedback

Value $3500



So you can re-listen to the trainings or catch up on ones you may have missed

Value $300


Workbooks with templates & scripts

We don’t want you wasting time when we have it all scripted or created for you

Value $1500


30 Min Graduation call

This final call will give you your next best steps and answer any final questions

Value $600



BONUS Become Top Ranked Expert Using Simple SEO

Guest Expert Video

Value $500


BONUS Uplevel Your LinkedIn Profile: Step by Step

Guest Expert Video

Value $500


BONUS Pack Your Marketing With Testimonials That Convert

Workbook & Video

Value $500

Total Value


Get Started Now, Choose A Payment Option

Option 1


Pay in Full

Option 2 (Deposit)


The deposit is non-refundable and the balance of $2900 is due Dec. 31st, 2023.

Let’s get real here for a moment…


What is it costing you to sound like everyone else in your marketing; in your networking introductions? To stay unknown?


What is it costing you month after month, year after year, wasting your time on marketing that isn’t bringing you the investors you really desire?


What is it costing you to stay the best-kept secret and seeing others in your industry become the rock stars?


What is it costing your self-belief & confidence?

Diana Lidstone Profile Pic


Group Classes on Zoom starting January 3rd, 2024

You’ll complete this program knowing how to:


Stand out from your competition.


Free up 10-20 hours a week in your agenda.


Avoid chasing bright shiny objects by focussing of working in your zone of genius.


Create content that actually attracts the right clients.


Use your own intellectual property that will differentiate you from others in your industry.


Compile all the essential elements of a website that converts.


Stand out from your competition as the sought-after, undeniable authority in your industry with your Authority Visibility Blueprint.


I remember starting my coaching business!

I didn’t know what a streamlined or profitable business looked like. I saw those gurus on social media hopping from one marketing tactic to another so I thought I had to do the same thing!!!

But when that didn’t work ….. I knew something had to change! I knew there had to be a better way!

Said goodbye to hustle -- #nohustle!

Said goodbye to complexity & hello to simplicity

Said goodbye to thinking working hard = success

Said hello to #workless earn more

Goodbye to marketing everywhere

Saying hello to developing my thought leadership that would make me STAND OUT and be a magnet for both dream investors & rock star team members!

As a business coach,

I was in a highly competitive industry so I had to stand out before my clients could find me and then hire me!

It took me finding not only the right support, but the right strategies and structures so I could differentiate myself & my business so I would stand out from all the other business coaches.


No one else has the GROW Equation


No one else has the GROW Success Calculator


No one else has the GROWmeter


No one else has the Magic Rule of 1 framework!

Today I have a simple business

that generates the profits I desire and gives me ample time off for boating with my retired husband.

You too can have a simple business that is both sustainable and profitable with ample time off. That’s what I want for you


Option 1


Pay in Full

Option 2 (deposit)


The deposit is non-refundable and the balance of $2900 is due Dec. 31st, 2023.

Diana Lidstone sitting in front of laptop

Hi friends,

I’m Diana…. A champagne lover and a sought-after business coach for entrepreneurs tired of being trapped in the day to day running of their business.

I’m also a best-selling author, award-winning speaker and podcast host. After almost 40 years as an entrepreneur, I’m best known for my straight-talk, no BS and the simple business and marketing strategies that bring my clients more joy, profit and freedom.  My podcast, Work Less PROFIT More business podcast offers tips and strategies for small business owners who are tired of working too hard for too little profit, and having little or no free time.

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