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Research has shown that typical annual planning doesn’t work.  Here’s two reasons why and what to do about it:

  1. the rush in December & January to set goals and create annual plans is a waste of time largely because the majority of these plans are NEVER reviewed, tweaked or adjusted – they become shelf-help.

We all know that over the year, markets change, people change, the world can change! We only have to remember the pandemic!  It’s great to set those goals but your plan to achieve those goals is mostly likely going to need some adjustment throughout the year.

That’s why, at the core of UBF, are four regularly scheduled Freedom Planning Events.

  1. Most annual plans are just that – a plan for the year’s annual goals – and they do NOT break down the actual steps on how to achieve those goals.

At a Quarterly Freedom Planning Event, you’ll learn how to take your big goals and break them down into quarterly, then monthly, then weekly and then daily ACTION STEPS so you know what to be working on each and every day!  (For those of us who are creatives, this helps keep us focused and dramatically reduces bright shiny object syndrome!).

These Quarterly Freedom Planning Events are included in my private coaching program (Ultimate Business Freedom Accelerator)  OR you can purchase a ticket to attend them individually.  Many of our clients start working with us by attending these highly productive events.



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