Join Diana for a 3-week, 6-module, master class where you’ll learn 9 roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching success AND action steps on how to navigate past these roadblocks!

Over the last 30+ years, I’ve watched hundreds of women struggle to build profitable businesses.  They started a business with a dream only to close their doors in debt.  

They started a business based on their passion but didn’t know how to turn it into profit.  The sad thing is I’ve met business owner after business owner who couldn’t turn a profit.  And yet each one of these individuals deserves to grow a business that supports the live they love.  Perhaps this sounds familiar!

This tele seminar I promise to not only point out the roadblocks that stopped me (and that no one told me would appear) but also to give you simple to follow exercise, tools and applicable skills to navigate past them.  You see, I’m passionate about action steps because ACTION is the secret ingredient to success!

This tele seminar is for you whether you’re just dreaming about a business; whether your business is new; or whether you’re ready to upscale and perhaps double your business.

We’ll talk about mastering the inner game of business: playing from your strengths and inner gifts, as well as your inner critic and inner Wise Woman.  You’ll also learn about specifics of the outer game of business: key metrics, creating clients and how to build a profit plan.

  • Teleseminar will be recorded and you will receive the recordings even if you can’t attend live!
  • Dates: Monday November 21; Thursday November 24; Monday November 28; Thursday December 1; Monday December 5 and Thursday December 8th
  • 10am
  • Worksheets, templates, exercises all downloadable so you can use them over and over again!
  • BONUS – During the first week of December, you’ll be able to schedule a 40 minute  private coaching call with me. (VALUE – Priceless!!!)
  • You’ll be positioned to have your BEST YEAR YET in 2017
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SHIFT into RICH and be ready for your best year yet!


FAST CASH INTENSIVE – Recorded Webinar

Join Diana Lidstone for money & marketing conversation where you’ll learn how to quickly add an extra $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 (or more) to your business in the next 60-days AND be able to repeat the process over and over again for consistent sustainable income!

 I remember struggling to add a hundred dollars here and there into my business.  Each month I wondered how could I just put 4-figures into my bank account?  Well — I figured it out and that’s what I would like to share with you …. a simple step-by-step process that can put thousands of dollars into your bank account.

Join me and a few others around a virtual board room table to put some $$$$ into your business; to share the steps you can use over and over again to add dollars to your bank account and clients to your business!


LOCATION:  Recorded

HOURS:  At your pleasure



You will:

  • learn where you can stop wasting valuable time & money
  • identify where you are on a typical business growth pattern
  • discover what activities you should be spending your time on
  • the key foundational element for all your marketing
  • uncover several key reasons why people aren’t buying from you
  • learn a simple way to figure out where your clients might be hanging out
  • learn why persistence and consistency are key to creating sustainable income


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