Diana & siblings

Diana & siblings

Change is necessary – from our infancy through puberty and then into adulthood.  Recently I made a change — it was a hard decision but one I knew I had to take.  I needed to change my website – drastically.  Over the last few months, my business had morphed and the original website no longer represented what I was doing and where I was going.   It seems I was moving out of infancy.  And I procrastinated — why?  Because change is often difficult!  In reality, change is only difficult if we don’t embrace it and move forward. 

So, as they say “with a little help from my friends”, including The Social Media Fairy Godmother, a short learning curve and the wave of her magic wand — voila.  Here I am with a new look and a new website.  

As entrepreneurs, we often don’t want to make changes!  We get stuck in our roles of doing it all ourselves.  We become paralyzed in “analysis paralysis.  We should just bite the bullet and move forward – it really doesn’t have to be perfect.

The lesson I have learned over the last few months – develop a strong team around you.  Find others who will help you with the tasks you need to accomplish. So … go forth and change!  It’s all good!

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