That darn ‘F’ word!  Is it holding you back in your business!  Do you  think to yourself things like …. who am I to do that?  how could I possibly accomplish that goal?  I’m only me – no one is going to listen to me?  There are others out there doing it better!  Her products are better; cheaper!

Have you heard those things before?  That’s the ‘F’ word — FEAR!  It’s nothing to be ashamed of because all of us have had to face it one time or another.  Every small business owner, every entrepreneur has fears and self-doubts.  However, it is how we deal with those fears that’s makes the difference between a successful business or a failed one!

So… is it fear of failure?  Many would say yes!  In our minds, we say to ourselves things like … what would so & so think if I didn’t achieve that goal?  What will my parents, my family, my partner think about me?  But let’s change that thinking. The truth is that the more often you fail, the closer you are to success!  There are many, many stats & quotes of famous people who failed over & over again but FINALLY achieved success including the Wright Brothers, Michael Jordan, etc.  They had courage and persistence to take those failures and to continue to learn from the failures until they became successful.

Then there is another BIG fear …. fear of success!  OMG – you think, who could possibly be afraid of success?  And if so, why?  Well, fear of success is probably stronger and more common than the fear of failure.  To be truthful, I just spent an afternoon writing an hour long webinar on fear of success.  It’s HUGE.

Here’s 7 signs or symptoms of the fear of success:

  1. You feel guilty about any accomplishment because others haven’t had the same success.
  2. You never tell others about your accomplishments.
  3. You avoid or procrastinate on projects that could lead to recognition (distraction is your middle name!)
  4. You frequently compromise your own goals to avoid conflict in a group.
  5. You self-sabotage your work or dreams by convincing yourself that you’re not good enough to achieve them; you don’t think your work is EVER good enough.
  6. You subconsciously feel that you don’t deserve to enjoy success
  7. You believe that if you do achieve success, you won’t be able to sustain it.

Okay … so which one (s) did you recognize in yourself?  More than one?  That’s okay.  I’m a number 5!!  Over the years, self-doubt & belief have been my biggest challenges but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to overcome these fears.  But sorry, I’m not going to share them with you today …. it would take me a lot more space than a blog!  I’ll be truthful — I easily recognize these fears in others and it’s my life mission to help women entrepreneurs to SHINE brightly and overcome those fears!

When you SHINE, you can share your gift with others!  (Click here & Sign up for more information on my upcoming SHINE Bright live event, March 27, 2015!)

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