We all have the same amount of time in a day!!! But it’s amazing how different people use it.  Some work from 9-5; others only a couple of hours.  Some watch television from 8-11; others don’t own a television.  Some do everything themselves; others easily delegate!  

When we look at the choices we have, we realize that we have control over time.  It is our decision how we use it.  Now, I can already hear you yelling at me things like … but the kids need me; my work is demanding;  I can’t because….  Over the years, I’ve learned that these are really excuses!  Excuses because we might not want to take a stand; excuses because we are afraid of the consequences; and just plain excuses.

Here’s an example.  I belong to a mastermind group of 4.  Late last year, one of the members decided that he needed an assistant – this was one of his goals.  The group encouraged him to make this a S.M.A.R.T. goal with a date, etc.  After setting the date, he quickly and easily found just the right assistant even though he had been procrastinating for months saying he wasn’t sure if he could afford one.

This last month, the same thing happened to a 2nd member.  When he was finally encouraged to set a date for the goal — it happened almost over night.  (I’ll let you in on a secret — I’ll be the 3rd member to shortly be in the same situation).

Both members of the group are so happy to now have an assistant because it has given them more FREEDOM to do the things they love to do.  The morale of the story is that when we don’t set specific goals — time can slip away easily.  So if you are time-starved — what can you do to create more FREEDOM? 

The answer lies in 2 words — DELEGATE or DELETE.  If you want to learn how to find or create more FREEDOM, I’ll be doing a whole segment on it at “SHINE” on March 27th.  Click here to get your ticket today!

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