As entrepreneurs, we generally fall into the category of serial learners or learning junkies.  And that’s great because not only is learning important but so is personal development.

Building a profitable business requires that you grow — it requires that you do the inner work so that you can more easily create the outer results you want.  

Becoming a bigger, better version of yourself allows you to serve your clients in a more impactful way.

However, there comes a time when ‘enough is enough’.  

There comes a time when we don’t need another certification, continually listen to another webinar, or take yet another online course!

When I hear another coach, consultant or professional talk about their endless certifications or courses they are taking, I feel that perhaps there’s a pattern that’s being repeated and I wonder why?  Why are you doing it?

So if you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself ….

What are you trying to avoid?  Why are you trying to avoid something?  What are you constantly searching for?  Are you avoiding getting to the root of a problem?  Are you searching for a magic pill to a problem?  These obstacles (roadblocks) might be the exact thing that you need to face.  

Why do you think you need another certification?  Aren’t you enough just the way you are?  Are you undervaluing who you are? Choose to be yourself; choose to be ready, to show up and to serve!  Make the decision to be enough!

What if you don’t have to be perfect in order to serve your clients?  Did you know that you only have to be a few steps ahead of your clients. You just have been on that path BEFORE they walked!  You just have to have seen that problem before; you just have to have a different perspective.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!!! (Remember — done is better than none!)

Now, I’ll admit, I won’t ever stop learning and reading.  

I’ll probably continue to take the occasional online course to keep up-to-date.  

But I’ve decided that I am enough; I have a wealth of information to share to help others.  

I am enough to help others!

Going forward this week, I’d like to challenge you to choose to make a decision to focus on who you can serve and how you can serve them.  

Make the decision to BE ENOUGH!

In gratitude,


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