I blew a gasket this week — yelled at my husband; threw something at the dog; and yup, broke down and cried!!!

WHY?  Because I wasn’t following my own advice and I had way to much on my plate.  Sometimes I think I’m super woman — that I can do it all (do you ever feel like that?).  Well, the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was that the internet was giving me a hard time and it kept crashing …. making everything I did take 2-3 times as long and very frustrating.

However, it was a lesson — actually 2 lessons!  First, it’s okay to ask for help!!!  Whether it’s for VA help, house cleaning help, bookkeeping help or mentoring!!

The 2nd lesson was that I needed to follow my own ‘rule of 4-D’s’ by examining my list of things to do, and deciding whether I should …. do, delay, delete or delegate.

DO …. only those things that are in your zone of genius and then either delay, delete or delegate the rest!

DELAY … which things on your list are not TOP priority; could they be delayed till later.  When I looked at my list, of course, there were things I could delay — reviewing my new web content, and those things related to my November event, etc.

DELETE …. those things that aren’t a priority and which aren’t revenue generating! Why on earth was I worrying about watching webinar replays when I have 3 major events to coordinate in the next month???  So I told myself … delete those emails and focus on my ONE THING!  Focus, focus, focus!

DELEGATE … I don’t know what I was thinking earlier this year when I thought I could coordinate and organize not one event but three (all in different cities).  Although for the past 2 years, I have done it on my own… it’s not my zone of genius!!!  Anything that’s not my zone of genius, I am now delegating to my virtual assistant.  And here’s the funny thing — when I asked her if she had some time available to take on this project, she told me that she had just reduced the hours of her part time job – so my timing was perfect! 

So when overwhelm of your To-Do List hits you, I hope you remember the D’s — do, delay, delete, delegate!  And it is okay to ask for help!

Have an outrageously successful week!

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