Are you struggling to get a return on investment on your marketing?
Find marketing frustrating and overwhelming?  Tired of not attracting clients?
Can’t figure out why you aren’t attracting high-paying clients?
Wish your message was magnetizing high-revenue clients?
Want more qualified prospects from your marketing?
Wish networking was easier?
You didn’t realize that being a business owner meant you had to master marketing?

THEN YOU MUST attend SHIFT – the marketing event coming to Montreal & Ottawa in March; Kingston in April!!!

But only if you’d like to completely TRANSFORM your business and shift your marketing because I’ll share with you:

  1. 3 shocking reasons why your marketing isn’t working (& how to avoid them)
  2. 3 BIG reasons why your clients aren’t buying your programs (even though you’re doing tons of marketing)
  3. 6 critical elements you need & their correct sequence so you can EXPLODE your coaching, consulting, expert business
  4. which of the 3 key factors might be holding you back from earning the income you so desperately want
  5. 3 simple money-making activities that will bring you a steady stream of qualified prospects without tons of technology
  6. which of these money-making activities is appropriate for your stage of business growth
  7. and the resources to help you continue to SHIFT into RICH!

If those aren’t enough reasons to attend, then you still…

  • get my stress-free Revenue Roadmap for adding $100K to your business
  • leave the event and NEVER look at your marketing the same way ever again
  • make connections with other super smart women entrepreneurs (and just one of them could help explode your business)
  • have TONS of fun!!! (guaranteed).

Here’s what to do:

  • go to your calendar — save the date – no excuses
  • consider being a sponsor (because sponsors get great visibility and you have to be seen to get hired!! here’s the link)
  • join SHIFT FB group for updates here
  • invest in your business, get your ticket here!

Can’t wait to see you there!!

PS.  There’s 3 steps to getting high-paying clients ….. 1. be heard  2. have a conversation  3. get hired.  But you have to be heard first (not just seen but heard)!!!

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