I hear it almost every single day from entrepreneurs ….

  • I don’t understand…. I’m really, really busy but I’m still not getting clients;
  • I’m so frustrated … I’m going to networking event after networking event and I still don’t have enough clients;
  • Am I stupid?  What am I doing wrong?  I’ve been working hard for so long and I still don’t have enough clients!

Sound familiar???  (Been in your shoes — believe me!)

Over the last few years, this is what I’ve learned about building a coaching, consulting or expert based business:

  1. We often spend our time on the WRONG activities!  YUP!!!  Now you might say but I’m spending time on marketing …. I’m supposed to do that, right?  Yes, you’re supposed to be marketing (in fact 80% of your time when you first start out should be on marketing).  However, do you have a clear compelling message in your marketing?  When you go to a networking event … and someone says, So what do you do?  Can you answer simply and confidently so that it compels them to answer with OMG, I need that!!!  If not — then you are wasting your marketing efforts!!!    Are you spending time tweaking your logo, website etc. to get it just right?  Those things are great but they are non-revenue generating!!!  Focus on money-making activities or activities that lead to a sales conversation!
  2. We try to do too many things at once!!  Do you have a ‘to-do list’ a mile long?  Are you trying to do facebook ads, networking, and speaking all at the same time?  Here’s something I’ve had to learn the hard way — focus on what you do well!!! Or pick one strategy – become a master at it (that means spending time perfecting & tweaking it) before you add a second strategy.  If you’re really great facilitating a group and asking questions, you might want to start a FB group.  If you’re really comfortable connecting people, then networking is your game!  And believe me — you can get better at any of these strategies!!!
  3. We might be doing the right activity but we are doing it poorly!  Oh yeah!!  How many of you would consider yourself networking ninjas?  You rock it at networking and consistently add new clients to your business!!!??  Are you networking and asking prospects to have a strategy session with you?  Do you have a plan for your strategy sessions so that you consistently convert more than 40% into clients?  Again — it’s about mastering ONE strategy/skill before adding more to your to-do list.

I’ve made all of these mistakes.  And we learn from our mistakes.  So here’s my suggestion … FOCUS … pick one strategy, learn how to do it really, really well.

If you’d like help picking a strategy that would work for you, why don’t you schedule a (free) Business Breakthrough Session with me (schedule here).  In our 20 minutes together, I’ll help you gain clarity on your strategy and identify those roadblocks that are getting in your way!

You can do it!!!  You can build a profitable, sustainable business that gives you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of living!

Imagine with all your mind
Believe with all your heart
Achieve with all your might!

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