Ep. 31 – Repurposing Content to Get The Most Bang For Your Buck with Guest Lee Midlane

June 23, 2022

Content creation can be a huge time gobbler but also a necessity if you want your audience to think of you as the undeniable authority in your field. If a mother of 3 neurodivergent children and a multi-business owner in launch mode can use video to repurpose content, I think we can learn a few tips from her!

Lee and I talk about:

  • Why we are often reluctant to put our faces on video and how we can gain confidence.
  • Great tips for making videos easier (I love her ideas).
  • Several simple ways to repurpose video onto multiple platforms including audio, sound bites, tweets, reels and stories!
  • What shoes & content have in common.



Lee Midlane started with video years ago but then spent 10 years as a chocolatier before someone asked her to manage their IT business.  As the current owner of a bricks & mortar IT repair show, the Video Production Academy was born. From Scotland, this Mum of 3 special needs kids, teaches tech-stressed business owners to create videos for their business so that they can feel confident on camera and effectively connect with their audience. 



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