Ep. 53 – Earn More: Identify the one big problem your ideal client wants solved (Audit Strategy Interview)

November 17, 2022

Feel as though you’ve hit a revenue wall?  Although you get great results for your clients, your revenue is inconsistent.  Join Sarah Hipps and me as we identify that she doesn’t really have a revenue problem but a reputation dilution problem.

We’ll discuss:

  • Her current marketing strategies, which include paid ads
  • My recommendation for NOT using paid ads (gift here)
  • How to counter-intuitively talk about her business to attract more high-paying clients
  • An exercise that helps her focus and simplify her business so that she builds a reputation and revenue will follow





1.  Identify your primary Problem bucket – one of 4 (health, wealth, relationships or personal development)

2.  Brainstorm the problems you solve and the results your clients want MOST – are willing to pay big ticket to solve and that lights you up!

3.  Join Differentiate to GROW –  here

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