Profit Potential Audit - Interview with Alice La Flèche

Ep. 91 – Profit Potential Audit: Interview with Alice La Flèche

June 27, 2023

If you would like to quickly uncover the profit potential in your small firm or business, apply to be a guest on our monthly Profit Potential Audit interview series at, PLUS you get to spread the word about your business!!

For almost 25 years, Alice La Flèche has been a language coach teaching new immigrants in Quebec how to increase their chances of becoming a landed immigrant by learning French.

After Alice & I completed her GROW Success Calculator she told me how she feels like the best-kept secret in her industry.  

The GROW Success Calculator revealed that Alice was customizing her 1-1 work with clients, something I see frequently.  I also noted that by looking at her website, I was confused by her offerings…


Since Alice would like to scale her business, it would be natural to shift from 1-1 coaching to group sessions; however, I felt that she needed to:

  • Fill her calendar to bursting with 1-1 work
  • Simplify her offer – make it super clear what she is selling (results rather than hours)
  • Create ONE core offer that she would build her reputation around
  • Then create an upsell and a downsell

Alice agreed that she would focus on simplifying her CORE OFFER before thinking of offering group programs.




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