CounterIntuitive Marketing: Magnetize better clients & Earn more $$


You can work less – earn more if you know how to magnetize high-paying clients with your marketing message and your content!



What if marketing could be easier?  What if you could learn to love marketing your biz?

What if you got better results from the time, energy & money you currently invest in your marketing — getting clients?

What if you could easily magnetize higher-paying clients?

YOU CAN.  How do I know?  Two reasons —

Reason 1 – I used to struggle to get clients to fill my coaching programs and they were low ticket programs.  It took lots of time, money and energy to do that.  Then I learned & implemented something very counterintuitive!  It worked for me.

Reason 2 – I have systematized the process and now I have proven it works with my clients!  In fact, most of them don’t even do social media marketing!  They found what works best for them.

During this 2 hour hands-on workshop, Diana will help you dive deep into how you too can:

  • learn how to simplify & uplevel your messaging so your marketing does the heavy lifting and sales conversations are easier & close faster!
  • micro-niche down and identify your ‘eager to buy’ prospects that light you up so you’re working in your zone of brilliance
  • learn the difference between your niche & your avatar (not the same thing)
  • identify the ONE problem you solve so that your content creation has clients reaching out to you consistently.
  • make your marketing less time consuming and more efficient
  • do marketing that feeds your soul and amps up your Joy Factor!
  • Do less, Better.

This is a ‘work’ shop.  It is limited to 8 individuals so that they get 1-1 attention.

MAY 12th   10am – noon ET (or longer)   On zoom – link will be sent once you register!


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