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To become the VISIONARY CEO/leader of your business, you need to have clarity on the future direction of your company!  This is your first step into your role!



A great VISION drives everything great!   Without a VISION, business leaders aren’t really leaders — they have little or no direction.  It’s rather like going on a journey to a new location, without having a gps or a map!

As your business’s leader – your job is to chart a compelling course!  Having a clear and implementable VISION will do that for you.

In this 2-d  workshop, together we will create your tightly-worded, sharply focused and memorable VISION.

In Day 1, you’ll also learn:

  • the difference between mission and vision
  • define the purpose of your vision
  • discover & prioritize your lifestyle values so you love your business
  • identify your Zone of Genius so as the Visionary leader you stay on track & avoid distractions
  • 5 key components of your VISION so everyone is pulling in the same direction
  • 4 characteristics of an inspiring VISION so you can lead & inspire your team
  • who to ‘sell’ your VISION to
  • craft your goals in alignment with your vision
  • This isn’t a cookie-cutter workshop!!!  It’s about YOU & YOUR COMPANY!

Day 2 will be about how you will implement your vision and some hot seat coaching!

This is all about becoming the Visionary CEO of your business and leading your team!

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