In the last few days, it seems that everywhere I turn someone is talking about the importance of this one business skill.  On the weekend, I attended a trade fair and was working with team members.  My last piece of advice for the day was the importance of this skill — if you don’t have this skill, then both your time & money was wasted by attending the trade fair.

I was listening to a training conference call last night which was about the importance of building relationships and that to build business relationships, you need this skill.  At our networking event this morning, we were discussing how to turn visitors (prospects) into members (customers) and again it was mentioned that as a group we needed to improve this particular skill.

So when I returned this morning, I began to wonder — why is it that this skill is not well developed in most entrepreneurs & sales professionals?  Don’t they realize by not using this skill to the fullest, they are leaving business on the table for their competition?  Don’t they understand what it takes to develop a relationship?  OR are they afraid that they will seem to pushy?  Or are they uncomfortable?

So what is this skill?  It’s called FOLLOW-UP!  Follow-up is one of the most important business skills that you can learn, tweak and improve upon.  Follow-up is marketing at it’s best (and cheapest).  If you are uncomfortable with follow-up, take a workshop; read a book on the subject; work at it.  

You’ll be amazed at the results!!!  It will BOOST your profits!

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