Yes – it’s that time of year.  The first day of summer and for the most part, the kids are finished school.  So it must be time to kick back & relax?  I know it’s summer time and as a solopreneur we often think that it’s time to do nothing because who wants to hear from us now anyway!  But, here’s the thing — summer is a great time for learning!  Yup!! 

Remember, the 7 Reasons Why Marketing is so Hard?  Today – let’s talk about reason #2.  Often the reason that marketing is so difficult is because there are so many different kinds of marketing and so many new tools to use.  I often hear from clients, friends & other entrepreneurs, I just don’t know where to start; it’s overwhelming.  Well starting could begin this summer by learning about marketing!!! 

Reason #2 why marketing is so difficult?

Reason #2 why marketing is so difficult?

Watch a webinar or two; take a workshop or perhaps buy a couple of marketing books and take them to the beach with you!  If you did nothing else this summer, learning about marketing would be a GREAT addition to your skills!

Depending on where your skill level is; and where you want to focus, here’s a couple of books I personally like — any of the “Guerrilla Marketing” series; Appreciation Marketing (T. Wyatt & C. Lewsey); The Face-to-Face Book- Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace  (Ed Keller & B. Fay); Get Clients Now!  (CJ Hayden).  

So by the end of this summer, you could easily eliminate Reason #2 for why marketing is so difficult (and get a tan while doing it)!

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