The word ‘authentic’ seems to be a buzz word these days in business.  You’ve probably heard this many times – “Be authentic”.  It really means to be your true self!  When you speak (or write) from the heart, it comes with passion and it reflects who you really are. 

When you try to do something that isn’t true to your inner core, you can’t possibly be ‘authentic’.  So why would you try a marketing strategy that isn’t in alignment with your true values?  Hence, today’s #3 reason why marketing is so difficult?  Marketing is difficult if you haven’t found a strategy that makes you feel comfortable — if you aren’t using a strategy that is ‘authentic’ to you!

Authentic marketing is comfortable. 

Authentic marketing is comfortable. 

For instance, if you have a passion for writing — then your core marketing skills should be focussed on WRITING!  If you love face-to-face meetings, then your marketing plan should be focussed on face-to-face.  You get the idea.  What skills/gifts do you have?  Use them in your marketing and you will NEVER feel uncomfortable and marketing will become a whole lot easier.

Another secret ingredient to add to your marketing recipe is – G R A T I T U D E.  If you are sending out heartfelt notes & gifts of appreciation to your customers, you couldn’t possibly be seen as salesy or uncomfortable!

So one solution to making marketing easier (and more effective) is to determine your gifts — what do you do well? – and continue doing it!  Good luck. 


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