The old image of a sleazy used car salesman is a common visual of someone who HATES sales!  But that’s okay — we all have images in our minds that are there from our previous experiences, and our earlier life.  Typically, sales reluctance and resistance stem from these skewed attitudes about selling. 

Sleazy used car salesmen?

Sleazy used car salesmen?

So how does one overcome these negative attitudes about sales?  First – you have to admit that you have them.  My favorite way of overcoming negative thoughts like this is to change it to a positive thought; such as: 

        sales is sleazy —– shift to —- sales is a path to service

       no one wants me —— shift to —– the perfect client is waiting for me

       I don’t like marketing —– shift to —- I love building relationships with people. 

Negative beliefs about sales & marketing are common reasons why people find marketing difficult.  These negative beliefs become road blocks.  In fact, this is Reason #5 in my series of 7 Reasons Why Marketing is Difficult!   Make your marketing easier by shifting to a more positive phrase,  make friends with the fear and state your desire to help others!

If you’ve come up against other road blocks to your marketing, you might be interested in Marketing 4 Succe$$ where you will learn how to reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time!   Make marketing fun!

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