Most of the time I am an organized person — making lists, writing appointments down in my agenda,  and everything in its place!  But there are times when I just spend time being ‘busy’, re-organizing things, and doing endless stuff.  Well – that’s really called procrastination!!! Yup procrastination is a symptom that I don’t want to do something — and usually that something is making phone calls!  Everybody has something that they don’t like doing — that’s okay.

You see procrastination and disorganization are another 2 reasons how people make marketing difficult (the last 2 in my series of 7 Reasons).  It’s really all about choices.  I chose not to make phone calls or not to do some other form of marketing.  Why am I not willing to make phone calls?  For me, it’s because I’m afraid of hearing ‘no’.  So when I get like that I shift my attitude from fear of no to …..I’m going to practice until I get a yes!

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

For other people, they might procrastinate due to perfection.  I call that ‘analysis paralysis”.  With a small shift in attitude, the procrastination can be replaced with a ‘good enough’ attitude.   

In summary, if you find you can identify with any of these 7 Reasons Why Marketing is Difficult — don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with you!  ANYONE can learn to market!  Start by identifying the underlying reason; overcome the reason, or deficiency; and get into action!  Chose to make small steps because one small step is better than no step at all.


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