I’m rather old-school — I like maps when I’m taking a road trip!  Never mind that I was a geography major in university and had to draw maps by hand — yes, that’s right!  But today, it’s all about technology – handheld or otherwise.   Back to the subject at hand, marketing.

Marketing is actually very similar to taking a road trip.  You need a starting place; a destination and a GPS to keep you on the right road.

A GPS to keep you on the right road!

A GPS to keep you on the right road!

In marketing, your starting place is all about you, your business and the CORE values of both.  Why you ask?  Well, for marketing to be comfortable and effective, you have to be able to deliver it so that your customers BELIEVE it — it has to come from your passion and your gifts.  Your core values are the foundation on which you will build your marketing plan …. they are your starting point for your road trip!

Your marketing destination is your Vision for your business.  Whether this be a one month vision, 3-month or five year vision — you have to have the dream of where you are taking this business! 

Then you need a GPS to keep you on the right road.  Well it’s not really a GPS — it’s G for goals; P for perfect client; and S for strategic action.  When you can define these, and state them easily — then your marketing will be focused on the right customer, with the right message, at the right time! 

Marketing can be as simple as taking a road trip!  It’s summer – let’s get on the road! 



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