Really – are there only 5????  Well,  a blog is only so big and you probably won’t read it if it was longer!!!  So let’s look at 5 BIG marketing blunders that small business owners often make which are keeping them from being successful.  Now – let me remind you – it’s not your fault if you are making these marketing mistakes.  You are passionate about your business and its growth but perhaps no one told you what marketing is supposed to look like.

Are these keeping you from succe$$?

Are these keeping you from succe$$?

BLUNDER #1 — You don’t do any marketing!! 

That’s right – you can’t imagine how many entrepreneurs I meet that really don’t do any marketing at all.  Do you often say to yourself …. I just don’t know where to begin?  I find marketing too overwhelming!  I don’t want to be salesy & pushy!  I just don’t have time!  If you identify with any of these — don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  We can solve your problem.


BLUNDER #2 – You don’t do any follow-up 

Yes,  going to networking events is marketing BUT if you never follow up with all those business cards that you’ve collected, then what’s the point!  Truthfully, if you don’t follow-up, STOP going to networking events!  You are just wasting your time & money.  However, a good follow-up system can really bring in the additional clients you might be needing to make your business succe$$ful.


BLUNDER #3You are confused about the true nature of marketing

Perhaps you don’t really know what comprises ‘marketing’?  Is it advertising?  Is it social media?  Simply put …  marketing is how you let your perfect customer know that you have something they need!  Think about that carefully!  There are several components in that definition including the right customer, the right message at the right time!


BLUNDER #4 – You aren’t different from your competition

In this global world, you have to be different to stand out from your competition.  The internet is full of therapists, business coaches, and real estate agents (for instance).  Why should someone choose YOU?  It’s not good enough to be good — you have to be different!  You have to stand out from the crowd with a clear message.


BLUNDER #5 – You are always trying to attract NEW customers instead of focusing on keeping your current customers.

I can understand if your business is in a start-up phase, yes you need new customers!  But sometimes, entrepreneurs forget about the customers that purchased once a long time ago.  What can you do to encourage them to re-purchase from you again?  I recently heard someone say, when someone purchases once from you that’s a SALE; when they purchase repeatedly, then you have a customer.   Increase your sales easily by looking at your current customer list and encouraging them to make another purchase.


Now that we’ve pointed out these BIG BLUNDERS  — what’s the solution?  I have a secret ingredient for you.  You can include this in your marketing plan and it will make marketing simple, easy and comfortable.  But you have to wait till next week!!!!   See you then!


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