Do you know someone struggling with their marketing?  Do you know a small business owner who is so frustrated with their attempts at marketing that they’ve given up?  Have you heard a colleague tell you that the ‘whole marketing thing’ is just too complicated?

Really — do you know anyone like this?  Why…. because marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming!  In my 20+ years of business, I routinely talk with small business owners, professionals and sales people. Here’s some examples of entrepreneurs that sometimes struggle with their marketing.  

A notary – spends many years at law school; completes an internship; and then starts out on their own.  Now – where do they find clients?  Where do they spend their time & money WISELY?  

What about a bookkeeper?  Same thing – they take courses in bookkeeping; learn the software but no one taught them how to put together a marketing plan. 


Who do you know .... that is overwhelmed, frustrated with their marketing efforts? 

Who do you know …. that is overwhelmed, frustrated with their marketing efforts? 

What about real estate agents?  According to many agents, this summer has been a difficult season.  Their marketing plan might have included the usual direct mail flyers; some postings on social media; some ads on Kijiji.  But a plan?  A real, day to day; week by week plan?  Nope! 

My own sister is a veterinarian and a good one – no actually, an excellent vet!  When she started her business many years ago, she turned to her big sister to help her with her business & marketing plan!   

Do you know a massage therapist, chiro, naturopathic doctor, a family therapist, a life coach – who is really, really good at what they do?  I bet if you ask them about marketing,  good chances that they are overwhelmed with the options. 

These people are MY perfect clients!  These are the people that I can help.   I can teach them practical marketing techniques & strategies so that they can get more clients.  I can help them overcome their frustration with marketing options so that they aren’t wasting time & money in the wrong places.  I can work with them to create a clear concise message to that they are talking to their perfect audience.  What happens next — they make more money!!!

So if you know any of these professionals, sales people or entrepreneurs — let me help them make more money easily and simply! Suggest Marketing 4 Succe$$ or have them call me, right now.  Encourage someone you know to be my next success story!  As always, in gratitude for your help.

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