You might remember last week’s post about the big 5 Marketing Blunders that can keep you from succe$$ – if not, that’s okay.  While it is important to identify these blunders — what’s more important is finding a solution and not making the same mistakes over and over again!

So here’s my solutions…. 

Blunder #1.  You don’t do any marketing 

My first question would be why not?  Is it just too overwhelming and you don’t know where to start?  Or you don’t want to feel salesy or pushy?  That’s okay — here’s the solution.  GRATITUDE.  That’s right!  You can tell your clients how much you appreciate them; how much you value their support, etc.  In fact, I wrote a little ebooklet, “27 Ways to Thank your customers”.  I’ve never met anyone who felt uncomfortable saying – THANK YOU!   It’s a great marketing strategy.  So start marketing – say THANK YOU!


Blunder #2.  You don’t do any follow-up

You are going to networking events, meeting people, collecting business cards and then what?  Connect on social media?  Emails?  Why not try sending a real greeting card saying, “How nice to have met you!”.  Again – GRATITUDE.  Show your appreciation and people will never forget you! I send lots of greeting cards and they never fail to impress people.


These 2 words are never out-of-place!

These 2 words are never out-of-place!

Blunder #3. You are confused about the true nature of marketing  

What is marketing?  Advertising?  Social media?  Emails? Phone calls?  OMG – what is it?  Well marketing is about building relationships — long term relationships mean customers for a lifetime!  What does it take to build relationships?  It takes time, patience and E M O T I O N.  The best emotion is to make someone FEEL valued — GRATITUDE. The trick in marketing is to be consistent — so appreciate your customers consistently and continually.

BLUNDER #4. You aren’t different from your competition  

In today’s global market, it’s not good enough to be good – you have to be different to catch their attention.  Did Hydro send you a thank you?  Did Bell? (hahahaha)  Perhaps someone sent you an email…. but remember that feeling you get when you go to the post box, open it and there is something there that isn’t a bill or junk mail.  There’s anticipation, wonder and feelings.  Send a greeting card – make someone’s day! You will stand out from your competition.

BLUNDER #5. You are focusing on finding NEW customers instead of KEEPING current customers 

Customers leave because they ‘feel’ that you don’t care (studies show that it’s 68%)!  Just imagine, if you could KEEP customers by making  them ‘feel’ that you care?  That’s a HUGE impact on your bottom line.  Loyal customers are the holy grail of business — you have to work at keeping them.  Use your GRATITUDE marketing once again to make customers ‘feel’ appreciated! 

So – what’s the key to succe$$?  I say – give your marketing strategy a little G.A.S.

Gratitude Accelerates Succe$$


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