Let’s face it – everyone wants to be more profitable!  There are many ways to tackle the problem — you can cut costs; increase sales; get more customers, etc.  However, how many of you have thought about re-activating your past customers?  Customers that you have already done business with at least once? They are a great source of potential profit. 

Seems logical right?  But many small business owners spending lots of time hunting for new customers – it seems to be a continuous frenzy.  Did you know that it costs anywhere from 5-10 times more to develop a new customer than it does to re-activate a customer that has already done business with you?  If you start counting up the time and money you spent marketing, talking on the phone, meeting with prospect, follow-up, etc. ; it adds up to a lot!  And don’t forget – time is $$$.

Your profit could be in your PAST!

Your profit could be in your PAST!

But what if you just contacted your past customers and reminded them that you are still in business and perhaps you could serve their needs again – most likely, this would result in more sales and more referrals. 

Here’s an example.  You are a professional (real estate agent, notary, etc.) and you have perhaps 50 customers that you sold houses to in the past (or settled their house purchase).  Do you think that out of those 50 there might be someone ready to purchase again?  Or someone who knows someone ready to purchase?  You bet.

One of my clients did just that.  He used a greeting card campaign and contacted past customers just touching base with them – no hard sales!  He was thrilled when he received phone calls and re-activated those past clients.  It wasn’t a cold call; it wasn’t hunting in a frenzy; it was more like farming …. sowing some seeds in the ground that was already fertile and watching a seed sprout.

So if you are looking for a way to become more profitable – look at your past! 


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