In other words, are you wasting your marketing time? Your marketing dollars?   Are you putting ads in the newspaper and get very few new clients?  Or even worse – you don’t know how many clients you get from your ads?  Are you using direct mail and getting no response?  Are you using social media and not getting any new clients?

There could be a reason for all your YES’s.  If your marketing message (‘what’ you say) is hitting the wrong target audience (your ‘who’), then it’s quite possible that your message is falling on deaf ears! 

When you know where to aim, you will stop wasting time & money!

When you know where to aim, you will stop wasting time & money!

Did you know that the average person is bombarded with an average of 4000 commercial messages a day???? O M G – no wonder no one pays attention to anything any more.  You almost have to hit someone on the head to get their attention and I don’t mean with a baseball bat!   

The solution is to TARGET your message to your audience, peeps, idea client, perfect client, niche — whatever you want to call it.  But, you also have to use the right method of delivering that message.  Eighty year olds don’t often tweet; and 20-somethings would rather text than talk!  So see how important it is to know WHO you are targeting!  Get to know your perfect client persona.  Ask questions of current clients.  Study your marketing and revisit and revise.  

You will be able to hit your target with your marketing bullets once you know where to aim!

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