This morning I was reviewing the notes I took while I was speaking with a prospect this week.  Her challenge was to ‘get clients through the door’! Actually, she isn’t alone — everyone wants either more clients, more repeat sales or more referrals! 

So how could she get more clients through the door?  Is it more clients – does she need to ‘get the word out’ more?  Is it she needs more sales from the current clients?  Or does she need more referrals?  All three would increase sales!  However, two of these strategies focus on increasing sales through CURRENT clients!  

Struggling to get customers through the door?

Struggling to get customers through the door?

So what would you recommend she do? I recommend that It is always easier to work with current clients to increase sales because they already KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you.  You have already invested in them in terms of time and money. So this prospect could easily put together a strategy to focus on her current clients to increase her sales.

The title of the blog is 3 simple steps …. notice I didn’t say ‘easy’!  Why?  It’s not easy – it might be simple but it’s definitely not easy; it takes hard work.  So here are 3 steps.



1. Simplify your marketing.  Think of marketing as a road trip with a start (your values) and a destination (your dreams).

2. Use a G.P.S. – a system of setting Goals, identifying your Perfect Client, and getting into Strategic Action.  By using a GPS, you will stay focused on your destination – your dream/vision for your business.

3. Schedule  your Strategic Actions on a calendar so that you know when, how, and where your marketing is going!


Now … go out there and apply these 3 simple steps.  

If you need help, or would like to learn more about these systems, give me a call (514-690-1867) for a FREE strategy session.


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