Have you ever heard someone make this statement before — you get what you focus on?  Perhaps you want more money and you keep saying (in your mind) “I wish I had more money”.  That statement is actually telling the universe that you are focussing on LACK of money.  So the universe keeps sending you ‘lack’.  

Now, I know, you are probably thinking …. OMG she’s going all woohoo on me and I don’t read these blogs to get spiritual recommendations.  Well, don’t worry.  What I will tell you is that when you want something (i.e. a $100,000 profitable business at the end of 2014) — then you have to focus your attention on what you want – you have to FEEL  that dream, or desire.  You have to see yourself achieving that vision.  Just like elite athletes who visualize themselves standing on the Olympic podium with the gold medal — you need to do the same thing in your business. 

Visualize your destination so you know where you are going!

Visualize your destination so you know where you are going!

Your first step to success is to clearly visualize your business – what will it look like exactly?  And how will you feel when your business looks that way.  One very powerful tool to ‘visualize’ your business is a VISION BOARD.  I have one in my office beside my desk.  When I’m not sure if I am making the right decision, I look at that ‘VISION’ and ask myself if I am in alignment with that vision.  I get my answer quickly and easily and move forward. 

So if you don’t want to be stuck; if you want to move forward to success —  the first step is choosing your DESTINATION.


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