Yup – we’ve all been there.  We have a list of prospects to call or follow-up with and we look at the phone and go — OMG, I hate it.  I’ve walked in those shoes but I’ve figured out how to solve it for me and I’m sure that these tips will help you as well.  

TIP #1 All our FEARs are self-imposed.  That’s right – FEAR really stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  In the case of the phone, in our minds, we are saying … I don’t want to impose ….. I don’t want to bother the client ….. I don’t want to be too pushy ….. etc.  RIght now — stop saying that in your mind and say something positive — I have a wonderful product/service and this person NEEDS it.  Say it over and over again – in a very loud voice!  Because if you don’t believe it – neither will your prospect.

TIP #2  Before you make your phone call, get prepared! You might want to write out a script and practise.  You might need to prepare yourself mentally.  You need to get your facts & figures arranged. You might want to stand and SMILE!

TIP #3  Have a purpose for the phone call.  That’s right.  Now although your purpose for the phone call might be follow-up; what purpose can you offer your prospect?  Is there a special ongoing to tell them about?  Did they buy a product/service and you want to know how they like it?  By having something to offer the prospect, you won’t seem ‘salesy’.

TIP #4 Change your mental image of your phone.   Start thinking about your phone as your friend.  WHY?  Because you know that the only way you are going to make money is to use that phone!  If you have to tape a $50 bill to the phone – that’s okay!  Think of the phone as a cash register – chaching!!!!

TIP #5 Have a conversation!  Start asking questions and listening. Get to know the person and their situation.  Learn what  challenges/problems keep them awake at night.  When you listen – you learn what solution you have for their problem.  This is NOT selling!  There’s an old saying … we have 2 ears and one mouth; in other words, we should be listening twice as much as we are talking!

I hope these tips have helped. Here’s another article that might be helpful as well.  If you would like further coaching on any of these tips, book a FREE Strategy call and let’s see if we can’t make you the PHONE QUEEN!


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