It’s widely know that Olympians train their whole lives to attend this huge competition that’s held every 4 years.  More and more we are learning that a BIG part of their training is setting goals and holding on to a ‘vision’ – a clear mental picture of them standing on the podium winning a gold medal!  What does your gold medal picture look like?  

What’s your ‘vision’ of your business’s success?  How would you define your company’s success?   In five years or 10 years, what do you want your business to look like?

Why is this so important?  Let’s go back to the Olympic athlete …. every single day, every one of his efforts is focused on moving closer to his goal – the podium.  What would your business look like if …. every single day, your actions were focused on moving forward towards your podium?

A clearly defined vision for your business gives you direction just like a blueprint gives a builder the directions for building a house.  Imagine this …. John & Mary walk into an architects office and ask him to design their ‘dream home’.  The architect says …. well, tell me what your dream home looks like?  How many bedrooms? bathrooms? what side is it?  John & Mary said – we don’t know, just build our ‘dream home’.  As you can see, the architect has no direction – the dream home will never get built.  If you have no vision for your business – your business won’t get built either!

If you would like to learn a simple 5-Step Plan to clarifying your Business Vision,  call (514-690-1867) to schedule a FREE Business Breakthrough Session OR you might be interested in the workshop, Vision 4 Success coming up next Saturday on March 1. Either way, spend some time creating your VISION for your success.

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